Today is March 11

Nakamura Seiko

Nakamura Seiko works with Image Fukushima film projects.

Exactly one year ago, Japan was attacked by earthquake and tsunami, the nuclear accident. This is the current situation was caused by a nuclear accident.

After the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Japanese government has set the maximum allowable radiation exposure level at 20 mSv/year for both adults and children on an interim basis.

Radiation levels remain high in Fukushima City,with 80%of the routes for children to commute to school at 1 μSv/h or higher.There are hotspots all over the city,and decontamination seems to have had little effect.

The normal dose limit for the general public is 1 mSv/year, which corresponds to 0.114μSv/h, meaning that the children are currently being exposed to radiation nearly ten times the normal limit.

In March, the level was 24.24μSv/h or 24-times the present level.This is only the air does (external exposure)and does not include internal exposure from food or respiration. The interim does limit for exposure to radiation in food is also less stringent that applied in the Ukraine and Belarus.

The children are restricted from outdoor exercise and activities, and some schools are not even conducting physical education in the school yard.Lack of exercise is a daily reality. and there is an increase in injuries of children during physical educations in the under-sized gyms. Neither are the children able to go out of doors on the weekends, so they spend their time indoors playing games.

Not all families can take their children to less polluted places outside of the prefecture each weekend, so the children as well as their guardians are feeling the stress build up.

The children are living with glass dosimeters dangling from their necks in order to monitor their cumulative exposure to radiation. The children are exposed to at least 0.1 mSv/month. Some are exposed to levels as high as 0.6 mSv/month. This is just the data from the month of September; at this rate, the external exposure level alone will reach 7.2mSv/ year.

Under the circumstances,many guardians have been unable to choose to voluntarily evacuate,and are resigning themselves such a situation, abandoning hope of escaping from the radiation. They are suffering mentally, being unable to fulfill their responsibilities as parents. It is the children that are victimized by such decisions. In fact,the children are unable to express their anxieties out of concern for their parents.They are being driven into the corner psychologically. At school, the teachers must always remain cautions when talking about radiation.The mothers and children who have been fortunate enough to evacuate are also feeling isolated and anxious because they do not know when they will be able to return. Families and communities are becoming fragmented, and the affected people are bearing undeserved suffering with nowhere to go for redress.

Today, please pray for Japan,
Please pray for a lot of life was robbed by the tsunami.
Please pray to be healed so many wounds brought about by the nuclear accident.

And, please imagine a future without nuclear power plant.

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