Listen to the People, Mr.Prime Minister !

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John P Rayan
Social Activist
Address: 11H/2,

The impending colossal hazardous life endangering Nuclear catastrophe if the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project becomes functional has united diametrically opposite jgroups of villagers residing near Kudankulam who have buried the contradiction of their religions, tradition and cultures and are standing united against the present diabolical Central Government to stop this perilous Nuclear Power project.

The sons of the soil are fighting for their fundamental Right to live, their breath, their waters, their food and the land which their forefathers had guarded for centuries and left them to handover it over to their future generations.

On 26th December 2004 at 6:28:53 AM IST an earth quake of a magnitude of 9.1 at Sumatra coast triggered off a wave and along the Indian coastline after 1.31 hours at 7.59 AM IST caused the death of numerous people, there was no warning at all by the Indian government about the imminent danger to the Indian coastal areas .Till 2 pm our Indian scientists were ascertaining to find the name – Tsunami of the event,it was initially termed as a storm surge although we had a Tsunami in 1941 causing the death of about 5000 people in the Eastern coast of India. When our educated scientists are unable to immediately name a major happening event, their acumen and assurances and so called safety measures on life threatening grave radiation emitting projects such as Nuclear Safety leaves much to be desired.

In the eventuality of an earth quake, a Tsunami of 12 metres height , a Srilankan-Chinese,Pakistani military attack or a cruising 150 Tonne Boeing plane colliding on the dome with an impact force of 50000 KN to name a few catastrophes then the so called safety measures will be zero. Though remote, these are possibilities which no scientist can refute. In this eventuality people living within a 50 Kms diameter will be evacuated, maimed for life or will die never to see their traditional villages again.

This hazardous Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project for producing and supplying power to industries and cities which has not touched the surrounding villagers life at any point of time nor will is absurd. They have their own natural sources of livelihood which this power project is usurping. A massive natural disaster though it might be devastating will not make life uninhabitable but a gigantic nuclear catastrophe will.

The executive arm of the Government of India has been playing havoc with wanton lies whitewashing away the genuine fundamental safety life concerns of the sons of the soil. It has been like a martial rule has been promagulated in the area. All prior Public Hearings,EIA’s all have been bulldozed and fabricated .

In this era of Globalization and Neoliberalism in a fast developing world as the PM of India overseeing India’s ethnic democratic setup as a Sikh you are proud and flaunt your culture as distinct from your head gear which is said to signify Spirituality /Honor and Self Respect/Responsibility/Piety and Moral Values/Courage/Friendship and Relationship.

The agitating uneducated villagers are fighting to defend their centuries old fishing grounds and agricultural fields which is their only source of livelihood. This generation of villagers near Koodankulam also have a tradition , a culture and are right in defending their beliefs.

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