Letter to the NIMHANS Director: Don’t Get Nuked !

Nuclear Insanity

Responding to the news that the Indian government has approached the premier mental health organization NIMHANS “to get a peek into the protesters’ minds and remove any fears,” anti-nuclear activists in India have called for people to write to the Director of NIMHANS, Dr. Satish Chandra. Here is an email sent to Dr. Chandra by Bernd Frieboese.

Letters to Dr. Chandra can be sent at the following address:

Dr. P. Satishchandra
Director / Vice-Chancellor
National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)
Bangalore-560029, India.
Email : vc@nimhans.kar.nic.in
Tel : 91-080-26995001/5002, 26564140, 26561811, 26565822
Fax : 91-080-26564830

Dear Dr. Satish Chandra,

I am shocked to hear that your institute plans to tell people in the vicinity of Kudankulam nuclear power plant, Tamil Nadu, that nuclear power is supposed to be good for them.

I mean, I understand that India is a developing nation. But should India not try to move forward into a future that can provide an acceptable standard of living for everyone?

Instead, the recent government of India is trying to move India further into the past by enforcing a technology that was abandoned by more advanced nations decades ago: Nuclear electricity.

Please check this recent article in The Economist:
“Nuclear Power: The Dream that Failed”

And, Dr. Satish Chandra, may I remind you that your job as a doctor is healing? Isn’t healing what you wanted to do when you started studying neurology? So why should you tell people to stop opposing a technology that threatens their health by

– permanent releases of radioactivity during normal operation,

– high-level releases in case of an accident (which is known to happen somewhere on our planet about every 10 or 20 years)

– the future releases from the radioactive waste?

As a medical doctor, shouldn’t you be protecting people against these health risks?

And as an influential member of the society of India, shouldn’t you try to help your country move towards a future that can provide a better life for each one of it’s citizens?

Bernd Frieboese,
Berlin, Germany







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