Latest from Koodankulam: the Struggle Goes On!

While the mainstream media is jubilant over the Koodankulam being ‘conquered’, people in the Idinthakarai and other village that have been ransacked in the recent police onslaught have not given up. Here is a post from Joseph John Sunder from Idinthakarai, responding to a facebook friend:

I am very much in Idindakarai (no place to go except IDK), not sure what conflicting report you are getting , it may depend on from whom you get the info, like whether you are reading Dinamani or Dinamalar. Below are some of the updates, please let me know what you heard is not covered.

Protest continues, major sea siege planned on Oct 8th in Idindakarai, and Oct 29th in Chennai. We are gaining support all over TN and Kerala, more importantly we started gaining support from places like Kanayakumar, which will strengthen our protest at KNPP west gate. IDK is at east.

We hope and pray Oct 8th protest will draw more attention from the world; may be some increase viewership for media at our cost and life.

Annan SP Udayakumar is back in Idindakarai stage to take the protest to take the next level. Fishermen are allowed to go fishing since no major activity till Oct8th and we are pushed to extreme poverty. Some catch may help.

Supreme court admitted the case and next hearing is on Oct 4, it warn Govt that they can order closer of plant if safely procedure s are violated and it express money does’t matter when comes to people safety. SC sent notice to environment ministries. We hope and pray our eminent lawyers get us victory. We also monitor SC order to Karnataka to release of Cauvery water to TN, do they abide?

Your maami Jayanthi Natarajan open mouth 1st time saying “I am confident plant is safe” . Does anyone care of maami’s confidence? She thinks nuclear safty is like Ambika soni statement on minority Govt survival, “we do have number, we are safe”.

Govt continues their “very safe” arguments in words and paper, nothing on ground.

As regards to fuel loading, KNPP behaves on expected lines, circulate misinformation, media reports fuel loading started on Sept 19th, whereas Atomic energy chairman Sinha says it may take 3 months and power production in “next year” not sure what he means, 3 months from now or anytime between 15 months. This how they create doubts in people mind, the sense of uncertainty. We are fooled by this uncertainty, that is how we allowed this plant comes up to this stage. They circulated false news for last 25 years and continuing. Not only 30,000 people live in sterile zone fooled, the entire TN and Kerala. Else

Frist time hearing the existence of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), they also says plant is safe, not sure what is their contribution when TN faced Thane cyclone or Assam reeling under water. He must be very happy man, Govt would be spent Rs. 35,000 crores under the 12th Five Year Plan. Disaster is opportunity for them; they may need more KNPP as Dr. Santha from Adayar cancer institute does.

Your Amma thinks silent is best answer to every issue, this policy may not work when come to public issues. Demolition of Anna over bride arch can take 2 days, renovation order for 3 months. You can imagine what is in making for Kudankulam Nuclear plant.

Not to mention about DMK leader MK, you know better than me, not agreed with you many times before, now understand how others are correct. He is sensing eroding vote bank, sending feelers, as SP Udayakumar, we all may jump to sea, not to him.

Our protest continues for 400+ days, we made variety of protest under different circumstances with Pre/post-election stunts by politicians. See the varity:

  • 100 people fasting for 9 days
  • 500 people fasting for 12 days
  • SPU and others fasting for 13 days
  • Relay fasting for 400 days
  • Sea siege by 200 fibre boats hosting black flag
  • 12 km walk by 25,000 people IDK to Radhapuram
  • 10 km walk by 30000 people IDK to Perumanal to chettikulam
  • 7 km walk by school children
  • Shave of heads
  • Blood donations
  • Anti-nuclear conference in Kanyakumari attended by 50,000 people
  • Sea port siege by Tutucorine by 200 machine boat and 1000 fibre boats
  • KNPP front gate siege by elders for 3 days
  • Numerous walks and prayer meetings
  • KNPP Siege on sea shore
  • Sea jal sathyagraga participated by 1000s of people in various villages
  • Buried up to neck by thousands of people in various villages including MDMK chief Vaiko
  • Cemetery prayers
  • Various arrests, detentions, Guinness record of cases under clause “ waging war against country”
  • Two deaths, no fault of ours

I must have missed many. Do you smell blood in above, no, we are coordinated by SP Udayakumar, and we can only go Gandhian way, non-violence.

It is unfortunate that in spite of these protest, not even Collector office peon visited us for dialogue. That is how Indian democracy runs, they attend only if law & order problem. I wonder how Gandhi practiced non- violence, may be Subash C and Bagath Singhs helped, or it was slow progress from 1857 to 1947.

We are tested by all weathers, next stages will be much stronger than the earlier once, and we will roar like a tiger, more braves will join us, let foxes run for cover or look for vadai from crow.




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