Kudankulam is on way to Chernobyl: interview with V T Padmanabhan

V.T.Padmanabhan is a researcher continuously involved in a rigorous study of the technological, safety and generation history of the #Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant’s (#KNNPP) first two units. Mr. Pon Chandran, a human rights activist, interviews him on behalf of #TuNo Media. This is an interview of great historical significance. The operational history of these two units highlight all the problems that crop up when a developed, technologically advanced nation like Russia collaborates with a less advanced one like India, to build nuclear reactors. However, the case of these two Indian examples give us a very special lesson because of the prior presence of a nuclear bureaucracy. One is able to understand clearly, without any doubt, the effect that geo-politics has on the day to day operational history of these plants. This interview shows clearly that the #nuclear reactors built in such a structural world #environment, are quickly sliding in to the path that the doomed #Chernobyl reactor took.

Here is Ponniah Chandran’s interview with V T Padmanabhan, in English:

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