Kovvada: Relay-Hunger Strike Against Proposed GE-Hitachi Reactors Reaching 150 Days

Abhishek Paul

The Anti – Nuclear Power Plant Relay Hunger Strike is becoming intense and vibrant day by day. It’s heading towards 150th day. Some of the students from various colleges of Hyderabad also took part in the relay hunger strike for one day. Later they visited near by villages of Kovvada and organised a photo exibhition campaign on Nuclear energy disasters and disadvantages of it.

The villagers are strongly condemning establishment of Nuke plant and they are not ready to evacuate that village.More over some part of the village people were manipulated by the local politicians and other mediators in a way that village people will get jobs and land rates will go up etc. So they believed that but after seeing the photos of Nuclear disaster ( Chernobyl ) they expressed their deep concern of opposing the Nuke plant.Nearby and surrounded villages of kovvada are also showing their full interest in stopping the Nuke plant.The people also saw the pictures of Koodankulam agitation and got inspired.

They also conducted Candle light protest on April 26th by remembering Chernobyl disaster.

Some people said ” Few leaders and villagers were taking money from outside and they are trying to supress the movement” observed by students.

Local political leaders are not so genuine to village people and only one or two leaders are with the villagers. The people over there are looking for the initiators to guide them and they are welcoming more students, activists, journalists to be on their side



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