Koodankulam Solidarity Rally in Kerala: Sept 30-Oct 2

Activists of Kerala are organizing state wide rally (yatra) in support of the Koodankulam Anti-Nuclear Struggle.

Yatra is organized by “Koodankulam Anti-Nuclear Struggle Solidarity Samiti, Kerala”. Yatra is planned from September 30 to October 2. Journey will start from Peringome, a small town in northern Kerala where in 1990 people struggled against a proposed nuclear power plant and got the project cancelled. Yatra will cover different cities, towns and villages in kerala including the Bhoothathankettu, a place in southern kerala where an earlier attempt to establish a nuclear power plant was defeated by the protests of the people. More than 200 people will be participating in the yatra from the starting.

Poster in Malayalam says: "Cancel Koodankulam Nuclear Plant Project, Shutdown All Other Nuclear Plants"

“The purpose of this yatra is to show our solidarity to Koodankulam struggle and to make Keralites aware that Koodankulam is their problem too” Says Civic Chandran, one of the activists who is leading the campaign. “Large portion of Kerala will be affected by this proposed project since Koodankulam is geographically near to the state. And if some accident happens, it will affect most of the state including big cities like Kochi” He adds.

Apart from Civic Chandran, environmental activists Leelakumari Amma and M.A. Rahman also leading the rally. Activists, scientists and professionals from all over Kerala will be participating in the Yatra.




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