Koodankulam Solidarity Protest in Frankfurt: Pictures and Video

Here are the first impressions from anti-nuclear bike-rally in Frankfurt organised yesterday. The text on the posters “Wir trauern mit den AKW-GegnerInnen in Indien” is in English something like “we grieve with the anti-nuke-protestes in India for…”. The posters were put on the fence of the Indian consulate in Frankfurt.

For better understanding: Biblis is a NPP near Frankfurt, it is shut down now. “ByeByeBiblis” is a group of people who fought against the Biblis NPP and now are involved with renewable energy.

29th September 2012, an international uranium-action day. German protesters proclaim in front of the Indian Consulate in Frankfurt solidarity with the three killed anti-nuclear protesters of the Indian anti-nuclear movement. This is a step in a bicycle demonstration. Spokeswoman is Carol-Sue Rombach from Byebyebiblis.

Protest in front of the Indian COnsulate in Frankfurt

Here is a video of the protest in front of the Indian consulate:

Below are some more pictures from the protests. Pictures of Sahayam Francis and Anthonysamy, the martyrs of Koodankulam and Tabrez Soyekar who was killed by the police in Jaitapur can be seen. The demonstration in Frankfurt paid homage to these martyrs.


Solidarity with struggles in Jaitapur and Kudankulam was be an issue. Also repression against Indian activists was condemned.

The office of the Indian Consulate General was one stop of this anti-nuclear bicycle demo apart from UG’s headquarters and banks which support nuclear industry.

Frankfurt is home to Urangesellschaft MbH, a 100% subsidiary of AREVA, the French company which is building 6 EPRs in Jaitapur on India’s East Coast. Activists in Germany have been protesting against Urangesellschaft MbH for a long time and have been demanding its closure. In a recent anti-Areva protest at the Frankfurt International Airport, the German activists raised their voice against nuclear projects in India and deportation of German national Hermann Sontagg Rainer from Koodankulam.




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