Koodankulam solidarity fast and demonstration in Kolkata

A 12 hour solidarity fast and demonstration was organised in Kolkata today (18.10.11) in support of the people’s movement against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project.

The venue of the fast and demonstration was College Square, opposite the University of Calcutta.

Ten activists sat through the fast while the programme was attended by the leading energy expert Sujay Basu, physicist Meher Engineer, science education expert Samar Bagchi, and other concerned citizens.

Slogans were displayed in Bangla, English and Tamil.

Leaflets were distributed and signatures collected for a mass protest letter (in Bangla) addressed to the Prime Minister.

The campaign will continue.

The issue of the Koodankulam Yatra was discussed and several participants expressed interest.

Pixes of today’s event attached.

Santanu Chacraverti

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