Koodankulam: Request from Ground Zero (March 27, 2012)

March 27, 2012:

Please Stand Up in Support! Govt’s Crackdown in Koodankulam is a Pointer, All Peaceful Protest Would Meet This Fate : S P Udayakumar

Please save us from the cruel grip of the Indian State. We thank all our brothers and sisters who are already doing this all over the country. We need more people and more actions.

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9th Day of Hunger Strike in Koodankulam: An urgent Appeal

Please call/fax/email Tamil Nadu’s Chief Secretary Thiru Debendranath Sarangi and the Collector office of District Collector of Tirunelveli Dr R. Selvaraj

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Idinthakarai, March 27: Demands Put Up at Talks with District Collector Today

Dear all,

Salute from Idinthikarai!

The historical resistance at Idinthikarai is going on with full vigor and participation. Fifteen are on indefinite hunger strike. In addition, there is also a relay hunger strike by about hundred people. One of the women, who is on indefinite fast was taken to hospital comes back and joins the hunger strike. Daily around ten thousand people are participating in the struggle.

Entire Radhapuram Block,Section 144 is imposed, preventing people from having any access to the basic necessities like water, food and medicine. Shops in Koodankulam remain closed for past eight days. Today, the local DSP asked the shop owners to open the shops. Aten-member delegation will meet district collector to demand the lifting of Section 144 and release all those in custody related with Koodankulam protest unconditionally.

Daily life at Idinthikarai:The atmosphere at Idinthikarai is one of community living and collective responsibility. A team of 140 people, by taking turns working 24/7 to feed the ten thousand satyagrahis.Since the roadways are blocked by police, the daily necessities  and provisions required are brought by boat. The satyagrahis remain all through the day and night at the venue of the struggle. There is also a group of youth shielding the village day and night from Police entering the village to arrest S. P. Udaykumar and Pushparayan and other Satyagrahis. As people participate in the struggle, they continue with their daily livelihood activities, like beedi making.

Our feeling: The local people are giving their best. Now, it’s our turn to do something immediately and effectively. As of now, there are a few protests happening around India. Other than these, eminent personalities like you may sit together and plan to intensify the  struggle to pressurize the government.

The protest that is non-violent lasting since eight months, if goes futile would give a wrong message to the nation. So. Kindly do the needful.

The Demands that are pronounced by PMANE:


1.      -To revoke all the cases unconditionally and lift 144 section in Kudankulam and Idinthikarai villages.

2.      -To release all those who are taken to custody unconditionally.

3.      -An independent study to be conducted by a national team on oceanography, hydrology and geology in surrounding areas of Kudankulam and Idinthikarai villages and siting area.

4.      -To conduct emergency mock drill and evacuation drill around thirty-kilometer radius of the nuclear plant.

5.      -We demand Indo-Russian intergovernmental agreement on Nuclear liability.

6.      -We demand know-how of nuclear waste management from KKNPP.

7.      -Finally, we demand that government should allow the protesters to continue their struggle in a democratic and non-violent way.


Thanking You

K. Sahadevan.                  Fr. Augustine Vattoli                      Boora J Shailendra S. J



Please call/fax/email the  Collector office of District Collector of Tirunelveli Dr R. Selvaraj at the following coordinates:Phone: 0462-2500828 (O)
0462-2577655, 2577983 (R)
Fax: 0462-2500244E-Mail: collrtnv@nic.in

Please also call Tamil Nadu’s Chief Secretary Thiru Debendranath Sarangi at the following address: 

Chief Secretary to Govt
Secretariat, Chennai – 600 009
Phone : 25671555 (O)
Fax : 25672304
E-Mail : cs@tn.gov.in

Dr. Sheela Priya, IAS, Addl Chief Secy to CM. 044 25675163. Fax: 25675163. Email: cmcell@tn.gov.in


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