Koodankulam: Our focus shouldn’t be lost

Raj Susai Sahaya Anna

Quality Control Manager at Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, based in Singapore.

Originaly from Idinthakarai, Koodankulam.

I still remember the days we fought against this N-Plant in 1988 in Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. Our people were beaten and arrested. We could not do any thing as not many people supported us. People were not much aware of the Nuclear disaster until Fukushima disaster.

Now we know what will happen if some thing goes wrong. We have to run for life. I am not sure we will get enough time to get far away from the N-Plant in case of any disaster. Govt (politicians not people) will not care about us as they are now. If we escape we will be survivors or else we will be victims. Govt will count number of victims and the media will publish. Our innocent Indian people will wait for the final total number of victims to decide the scale of disaster.

Central and State Govt is persistent to make the N-plants run in Koodankulam for whatever reason (all of us know why). So, politicians spread any thing comes in their mind to blame us ( like money from other countries, anti-nationals, link with terrorist, gathered for food, & any thing what can be said) so that all others who do not realise the dangerous life taking plant (N-plant) growing in their backyard. They are very far from the N-Plant. They still smell the rose plant in their backyard and shake heads for politicians KOLAVERI songs.

Govt is trying with many tactics to divert our attention.

Govt Files cases against us- we have to fight the cases, main focus to stop the N-plant will be lost.
Govt arrest our people & put them in jail-we have to fight for their release, main focus to stop the N-plant will be lost.

Govt enforced prohibitory orders under section 144. We have to fight to remove 144, main focus to stop the N-plant will be lost. The fearful media has no choice. They can’t write the truth. or else, they will be punished or fined.

But our focus shouldn’t be lost. We will fight by peaceful means until N-plant in our backyard is removed. We can’t live in fear everyday if this plant functions by Govt force.

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