Koodankulam: Key Activist’s Wife’s School Vandalised

Dr. S P Udayakumar’s wife, Meera Kumar, who has been running a school under her organisation South Asian Centre for Community Education and Research(SACCER), for underprivileged children. Last night(March 20th), this school was vandalised by unidentified miscreants. Meera and her family was already being victimised by local government supporters for hampering ‘development’ of the region by opposing the Koodankulam nuclear power plant.

Here is Meera’s story in her own words. Below, there are pictures of the vandalised school which readers can enlarge by clicking on them.

Last night some people have vandalized our school premises. I am running a school with 210 students. 90 per cent of my children are first generation learners. Despite all the personal trauma my family is undergoing right now, I have been running the school peacefully. The past few days have been especially difficult for me. I was worried about the safety of my school as it was already once vandalized. Additionally I had received an unsigned letter threatening me. All of these I had registered with the police and had sought police protection.

The protection had been lax a few days and so two days ago, as soon as the siege started in Idinthakarai I had asked for regular police security. Despite their presence last night at least 25 people must have been involved in the senseless act. They have torn down the school gate and the wall, pried open the garage and broken to pieces the glasses of the van, broken the doors, probably with machetes and iron bars, sliced to pieces all the chairs and tables in the two kindergarten classrooms, completely destroyed my library, stolen my laptops, and water drawing motors etc. and torn down my stone fence etc.

My children’s trust and happiness are now violated, my school children’s parents are worried about their children’s safety. Nobody has the right to do this to children. But they have done it. I want people to know about this and think about this.


Meera Udayakumar

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