Koodankulam: Intensified Agitation from September 22

Press Release from PMANE/September 20, 2012

The community leaders of most of the fishing villages in Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Ramanathapuram districts had another round of consultation at Koothenkuli village along with the village committees of Koothenkuli and Idinthakarai villages and the PMANE Struggle Committee. It was decided to lay siege to the Thoothukudi harbor on September 22, 2012 by the fishing boats of the area. Fishermen from other villages would organize a boat rally in their respective villages and women and children would organize a human chain in the morning and a fast in the afternoon.

The protestors appealed to all the supporters from all walks of life such as students, lawyers, women activists, trade unionists and others to lay siege to central government offices in their respective villages and towns. If there are no central government offices, people would be requested to inhabit cemeteries in the area and to pray to the ancestors to save us from the nuclear dangers and the central and state governments.

We would also invite all the Tamil political leaders and social movement leaders to come to Idinthakarai to save the people of Tamil Nadu in the wake of continued negligence of the central and state governments.

PMANE condemns foisting additional cases on those who face serious cases such as sedition and are languishing in prisons all over Tamil Nadu.

PMANE also extends its support to the people who are struggling against FDI in retail trade. It is high time people from all walks of life in India stand up against MNCs and their domination in nuclear energy and other sectors.

Earlier in the day the fact finding team headed by former Justice Kholse Patil visited Viravikinaru and Koodankulam villages and recorded people’s testimonies on police atrocities.

The Struggle Committee



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