Koodankulam: indefinite hunger-strike starts at Idinthakarai

Hunger strike in Koodankulam The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy has decided to embark upon an indefinite hunger strike from January 31, 2014 at 10 am (900th Day of Our Struggle) with five specific demands:

[1] Abandon the KKNPP 3 & 4 projects all together.

[2] Order an independent and impartial scientific inquiry into the KKNPP 1 & 2 projects that are steeped in serious problems, corruption allegations and are said to have been built with shoddy equipment and parts. If and when our accusations are proved to be right, shut down the plants permanently.

[3] Share the Site Evaluation Report, Safety Analysis Report, Emergency Preparedness Report, VVER Reactors Performance Report etc. with the local people as per the orders of the Central Information Commissioner, New Delhi.

[4] Share the full and complete details about the liability arrangements that have been made for the fisherfolks’ and the farmers’ loss of livelihood, and security issues.

[5] Withdraw all the 360 false cases that have been foisted on 227,000 men and women.

900 daysThe political parties in Tamil Nadu are all engaged in opportunistic coalition talks and shameless horse trade for their own power and profit. They do not give a hoot about our struggle or other similar important concerns of the Tamil people.

Please support our struggle to make our highly and densely populated country nuclear-free and our people’s lives trouble-free. Thank you so much!

The Struggle Committee Peoples’ Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)

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