Koodankulam Agitators Occupy The Sea

Courtesy: Countercurrents.org

Koodankulam, in Tamil Nadu, India, where an historic anti-nuclear struggle against a nuclear power plant is going on witnessed a new form of agitation today. More than 2000 villagers and fisher folks, including women and children, entered the sea and occupied it until the evening, as a surveillance plane ominously kept flying over their heads. In another development supreme court of India refused to issue an interim stay on the fuel loading at the plant, but asked the government to ensure the safety of the people living nearby. The attorney of government of India assured the court that the nuclear plant is completely safe.

Villagers are agitating against the fuel lodading of the plant from last Sunday. On monday, the police brutally assaulted the agitators and hundreds of people were injured. One person was killed wher the police opened fire on a solidarity march in a nearby town.

Here are the pictures of todays Occupy Sea agitation taken by Antony Kebiston Fernando



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