Koodankulam: A Photo Story

Children playing in front of their homes, 700 meters from the Koodankulam nuclear reactors.

Udayakumar, otherwise called the 'Second Mahatma", leads a black flag day . But just as in colonial era, the Indian state sees him as seditious.

The future of these girls is in balance when it comes to getting married and having a healthy family later in life. Increased radiation in their lives will jeopardise their fertility, progeny and marriage prospects.

Aging man worried about the future of his grandchildren's life.

Wouldn't you give children the right to a healthy life?

20, 000 people gather to support nonviolent struggle against the violence of the nuclear state.

After a continuous hunger strike of 12-days and then a relay hunger-strike lasting over 200 days, women have committed to an indefinite fast to protect their families.

We may loose some battles but ultimately we will win the war !!

"Vendam Vendam" (We do not want the reactors, we do not want them !) We will fight to the end !

There is no place in India where a residence falls outside the 30 kms danger zone around a nuclear site. The same concerns apply to other places earmarked for nuclear expansion such as in Jaitapur, Fatehabad, Chutka, Mithivirdi and Kovada.

Photos: Dipti Desai.
Text: DiaNuke Correspondents.

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