Japan’s nuclear industry should now excel in decommissioning technology and stop nuclear exports: Masaaki Fukunaga

Prof. Masaaki Fukunaga

Assistant Director
Center for South Asian Studies, Gifu Women’s University



(Translated into English by Yayoi Koizumi)

Those of us in the Japanese society cannot export our daily suffering from radioactive contamination as a result of the accident at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant overseas.

It is necessary that we oppose the approval of nuclear energy agreement with Jordan, South Korea, Russia and Vietnam, currently discussed in the Japanese Diet, and put an immediate end to the new exportation of nuclear power plant to Vietnam (deals done), Turkey (under negotiation), and India (negotiations resumed) and others by the Japanese government.

Why is it acceptable to export nuclear power plants overseas when building them within Japan is no longer possible as it is considered dangerous?

It is expected of us, of the citizens of Japan, that we do not only abolish nuclear power domestically, but we also stop the exportation of Japanese nuclear power technology overseas.

[Even without the exportation of nuclear technology,] the Japanese nuclear industry still have a path left for contribution [to developing economies of these coutnries]: it can offer the world’s top-class decommissioning technology.

Why not offer them the latest and the best technology for natural and renewable energy for the people in developing countries in need of electricity?

By exporting the dangerous nuclear technology, we will be repeating the same shameful past of exporting our “pollution factories” – the kind of factories that companies could no longer build legally in Japan – to the neighboring Asian countries.

Hiroshima – Nagasaki – Minamata – Fukushima: These are the lessons by negative examples that the people of Japan must inform the world about.
Only by working toward that goal, the next generation will be able to live in peace.


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