“Japan’s North koreanization” (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 16, 2011)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

Just after 311,Tepco employees evacuated from Fukushima first. And then,mass media companies left. Then,the doctors left. Now even only if you sneeze,doctors would tell you it’s heat stroke, but they seem to know how risky radiation is. So even the gov is lifting the mandatory evacuating area,doctors and mass media will not come back to there because they know it’s dangerous.

Probably for the same reason,twitter gurus have moved to the west. Some of them are tweeting from out of Japan. The more you know,the faster you evacuate.

Speaking of Twitter,there is a group of people called “Neto Uyo” Neto means internet,Uyo means right wing. Apart from the fact that Japanese gov is becoming fascism,right wing is rising as well. Yesterday was the 66th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II. Having that day,right wings are becoming more active.

They are starting propaganda to tell,USA dropped atomic bomb on Japan,TWICE,and they brought nuc power into Japan. Ignorant people are staring to share the opinion.so Japan is becoming exclusive country more and more. Manbe cho in Hokkaido made a symbol character called “Manbe kun”. A PR company made a Twitter account of Manbe kun recently.

However,he tweeted WWW2 started because of Japanese invasion (in Asia Pacific area) yesterday. So many of people criticized Manbe local government and they shut down the Twitter account today. I think that’s right wing people who want to believe WWW2 was a jehad of Japan. But actually,the criticizing emails were only 100 or so.

They shut down their PR account easily but let cesium beef be sold at everywhere. Tokyo mayor ,Ishihara even stated Japan should make a nuclear weapon and become a strong garrison state. I don’t think he will be a soldier because he’s over 70 years old. Maybe he wants more young people to die for nothing.

I don’t care about what they think / speak. but I don’t want to be involved in their infinite stupidity.

News Reports

[Massive steam from unit4]

8/14/2011 11:00~12:00
About 2:00~ of this video.
The largest steam in day time ever.




The comedy duo,”Oshidori mako/ken” was purged because they published the report about neptunium237.

They whistle-blew the accepting report about neptunium237 found in Iidatemura.

The comedy duo had one of their TV programs cancelled by the TV sponsor.

They told the duo,”TV show is a product to sell,so we can’t be against our sponsor.It’s taboo to talk about Tepco and Genpatsu at variety program.”

The duo was imposed silence on which TV channel and what TV show it is,but they say it is the major one.







[It’s getting full]

In Kanto area,radioactive sewage sludge has become 120 thousand tonnes.
In Kanagawa prefecture,the max is 4,540Bq/kg,it’s legal to use it to fill land but residents are expected to resist it.
In Tachiwaka,Tokyo,max level is over 8,000Bq/kg.They can’t find the place to use it to fill land either.
They are trying to build new shelter,but they don’t know how much the total will be.



[Of the government,by the government,for the government]

Chris Busby;ICRP is the model to let them conduct nuclear tests all around in the world.They underestimate the risk of internal exposure by 900times at the maximum.
(ICRP was made in 1952. DNA was found in 1953)



[cardiac infarct]

Three acquaintances died of cardiac infarct almost at once. They were all fine,till died.
They were helping people to get their cars back left in the mandatory evacuating area.
8/9 AM 32 years old man died.
8/9 PM 34 years old man died.
8/10 PM 44 years old man died.



[International contamination]

Researchers in California university confirmed that radioactive sulfur flew to California on 3/28 ,which was as 3 times much as average. This radioactive sulfur was produced when they sprinkle sea water onto the reactors in Fukushima.




Koga Shigeaki to administrative vice minister
Kodama Tatsuhiko to the chairman of The Nuclear Agency

This is a facebook petition. Please click LIKE,than it’s done.
(The previous one was censored and shut down.This is the second attempt.)



[Cesium rice will flood into the market]

They detected 11.6Bq/kg from the “stem” of the rice.
The legal limit is 500Bq/kg (No basis),so they will start selling them all around in Japan.
No wonder,they will export the rice too.



[Manipulation of past comment]

Radiation advisory in Fukushima,Yamashita Shunichi revised his own comment trying not to let anyone notice it.
He said,you do not have any problem in 100uSv/h area at all.Even if it’s 5,10,or 20uSv/h,don’t worry,let your children play outside.

Today,at the bottom of the HP of Fukushima,he revised his own comment.

“100uSv/h was a mistake.It’s 10uSv/h.”

A lot of the children have already been exposed because of his “mistake”



[Tweet of a Japanese journalist in US]

Dr.Gundersen emailed a journalist,Iizuka Makiko,
“Fukushima has emit 2~5 times as much Xe-133 as Chernobyl.This means more fuel rods have been damaged in Fukushima than Chernobyl.The situation is worse than Chernobyl as expected.”



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