Japan After Fukushima: Faces Behind the Hydrangea Revolution

Courtesy: TenThousandThings

Many thanks to Rose Welsch of Peace Boat, Global Article 9 Campaign and US for Okinawa for sharing these radiant photos from the 7.7.12 Nuclear-Free rally in Tokyo. These faces and words reflect the soul of the Hydrangea Revolution:

Mainstream news doesn’t cover it much–if at all–but hundreds of thousands of people in Japan are participating in demonstrations against nuclear energy. On Facebook, great aerial shots of crowds have been circulating, but in these photographs, I’d like show some of the faces (and spirit!) of the people participating in this Hydrangea Revolution.

Dressed in hydrangea colors, this woman was distributing

handmade origami hydrangea flowers that must have taken hours to make.

Origami Hydrangea

Calling for a national referendum to be held regarding whether or not
Japan should have nuclear power, this young woman passed out fliers
explaining how such a referendum could be carried out.

Passing out a batch of fliers on green paper, this man explained that he is starting
a Green Party in Japan that would not only protect the environment,
but would also guarantee the representation of women in the party.

Still dressed in rain gear, this woman moved inside the station to pass out information explaining what it’s like for people in Fukushima to live 3.11 every day.

This lovely lady (right, in green) was very quiet,
but her gleaming eyes and sweet smile made her stand out in the crowd
at a protest against the restart of Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors in July.
Here she is with her friend.

Despite the difficulty of navigating train stations and crowded sidewalks,
it’s not uncommon to see people in wheelchairs participating in the demonstrations.

These two young men are promoting a large anti-nuke rally
that will be held in Tokyo on July 16 in Yoyogi park.

Her sign says “Praying for Happiness for All”

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