Jaitapur Tense (Update from Vaishali Patil – August 14, 2011)

Tomorrow, 15th Aug., villagers of Sakhari Nate, Madban, Karel, Niveli along with surrounging villages haved decided to do flag hoisting in presence of Mahatma Gandhi’s grand son, Mr. Tushar Gandhi and Swami Agnivesh. In the background of Deputy C.M. Mr.Ajit Pawar’s statement regarding Jaitaputr Nuclear power project that “Government will go ahead with this project by all means” has created unrest and discontent among the villagers. All though Maharashtra, C.M. has declared attractive rehabilitapion package of Rupees 10 lakhs per acre and job in the project. This package has made no positive impact on the villagers.

In the background of tomorrow’s possible agitation, Ratnagiri collector under CRPC 1973 Sec 144 (3) has issued a prohibitory order to ex justice Kolse Patil, and social activist Vaishali Patil from entering Ratnagiri disktrict from 13th Aug. to 25th Aug. 2011.

Insipte of this the people of Nate have decided to go ahead with their programme of flag hoisting and meeting with Mr Gandhi and Swami Agnivesh

Agitation against Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project (File Photo- Greenpeace India)


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