Jaitapur: 27 French Organisations Condemn Police Repression, Ask Areva to Scrap the Project

Signatory Organisations

Réseau « Sortir du Nucléaire »
[Network “Exit from Nuclear Power”] Network “Exit from Nuclear Power” gathers 940 anti-nuclear associations (57,238 individuals). Together, these associations militate for the phasing out of nuclear power in France, based on another energy policy, particularly by encouraging control of energy consumption, and development of other means of electricity production.
Website : http://www.sortirdunucleaire.org/

Stop Nucléaire Besançon
[Stop Nuclear Besançon] The mission of this group is to inform and convince for a total cessation of civil and military nuclear all over the world.
Les Amis de la Terre France
[Friends of the Earth France]Federation of Friends of the Earth Franceisan independent association for the protection of human beings and environment. Founded in 1970, she helped to found the environmental movement in France and to form the first global environmental network, Friends of the Earth International (involving2 million members on five continents). In France, the Friends of the Earth form a network of about thirty autonomous local groups,who act according to their local priorities and relay national and international campaigns on the basis of a shared commitment to social and environmental justice.
Website : http://www.amisdelaterre.org/

Association Camin Ferrat
[Association Carmin Ferrat]

This association fights for the preservation of the Country of Viganais. It informs and reflects on global environmental issues and their local applications.
Website : http://camin-ferrat.over-blog.com/

Association les Enfants de Tchernobyl Belarus
[Association Children of Chernobyl Belarus]

This association was founded in 2001, at the request of Professor Nesterenko. It tries :
• to provide financial assistance to the association BELRAD,who works with children in areas of Belarus contaminated by Chernobyl fallout,
• to support independent research on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster: work of Professor RosaGoncharova, Yuri Nesterenko and Bandazhevsky,
• to disseminate information on all the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster,
• to work with other countries with similar objectives,
• to encourage sponsorship through twinning between French municipalities or schools and municipalities or schools of the disaster areas.
Website : http://enfants-tchernobyl-belarus.org/doku.php?id=notre_association

Association Internationale pour la Protection contre les Rayons Ionisants (AIPRI)
[International Association for Protection against Ionizing Rays]

« I join the signatories who show solidarity with the Indiananti-nuclear activists,who are now under fire from an unjust and unjustifiable repression. The anti-nuclear fight is an humanist and pacifist struggle for the survival of humanity. »
Paolo Scampa, president of AIPRI.

AIPRI aims to scientific dissemination in the field of nuclear physics and radiological hazards of internal contamination.
Website :www.aipri.blogspot.com

Association Kibô Promesse
[Association Kibô Promise]

The association Kibô Promise helps Japanese victimsof the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, through charity sales. The money raised is donated to two Japanese NGOs:
•Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station(CRMS),
•Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation.
Moreover, the association also plays an important role by collecting information directly from Japanese sources, and relaying them on francophone media.
Website : http://kibo-promesse.org/

Association Santé sous-traitance Nucléaire-Chimie
[Association Health subcontracting Nuclear-Chemistry]

« We do not allow more suffering in India than in France.»
Philippe Billard, president of Association Santé sous-traitance Nucléaire-Chimie.

Health subcontracting Nuclear-Chemistry is an association who supports the rights of subcontractor’s employees in nuclear and chemical industries. It denounces exposure to working condition seven more dangerous and stressful for the employees, and alert on the impunity of outsourcers. The association denounced the invention of outsourcing as a way to disempower outsourcers.
Website : http://www.sst-nucleaire-chimie.org/

Association Tchernoblaye
[Association Cherno-Blaye]

The association Tchernoblaye denounces the risks associated with the nuclear power plant of Blayaisand, more broadly, campaigns against nuclear power.
Website : http://tchernoblaye.free.fr/

Collectif Anti Nucléaire Île-de-France arrêt immédiat (C.A.N. IdF)
[Anti Nuclear Collective of Ile-de-France for an immediate shutdown]

The AntiNuclear Collective of Ile-de-France is campaigning for an immediate and unconditional shutdown of all the nuclear industry.

Collectif Anti Nucléaire de Vaucluse (CAN84)
[Anti Nuclear Collective of Vaucluse for an immediate shutdown]

The AntiNuclear Collective ofVaucluseis campaigning foranimmediate and unconditional shutdown of all the nuclear industry.
Website : http://www.coordination-antinucleaire-sudest.org/

Collectif « Appel pour Fukushima »
[Collective “Appeal For Fukushima”]

This group has launched a petition calling for the establishment of international measures to manage the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and protect the Japanese population.
It also created a Facebook page to share information and support the actions of anti-nuclear activistsin Japan.
Website : http://www.appealforfukushima.com/en/
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/APPEAL.FOR.FUKUSHIMA

Collectif « Les désobéissants»
[Collective « The disobedient »]

This collective includes all kinds of activists who seek to transform society through active nonviolence and civil disobedience. It puts the citizen at the center of its action and advocates non-violent direct actions to change the world.
Website : http://www.desobeir.net/

Collectif des Irradiés
[Collective of Irradiated]

This citizen group calls for resistance against the political and industrial lobby of nuclear power. It identifies and values all actions to ask :
• the truth about Fukushima,
• the immediate cessation of military and civil nuclear around the world.
Website : http://resistances.pro-forums.fr/forum
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/collectifdesirradies

Comité de Réflexion d’Information et de Lutte Anti-Nucléaire (CRILAN)
[Committee of Reflection, Information andAnti-Nuclear Fight]

« Course we sign this message of solidarity with our Indian friends in combat. »
Didier Anger, president of CRILAN

This association, created in 1975, aims to reflect,inform,organize the fight against the risks involved in all activities related to the nuclear industry. It also fights against all environmental pollution and nuisances,other than nuclear.
Website : www.crilan.fr

“La femme qui résiste”
[« The resistingwoman »]

This group is fighting to support the struggle of Aline Pauchard. The life of this woman rocked during the night of7 to 8 July 2008, when a tank of the SOCATRI plant in Tricastin (AREVA subsidiary) has overflowedandspilled163 pounds of uranium in the environment. Sick and ruined, Aline Pauchard fights for the recognition of the serious health and social consequences of this accident.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-femme-qui-r%C3%A9siste/278526112233628


This website tries to collect and analyze information on the Fukushim a nuclear disaster and its consequences. It offers a critical analysis of different information sources, whether official,scientific, artistic, philosophical, citizens…
This site also relays the struggles of anti-nuclear movements in Japan.
Website : http://fukushima.over-blog.fr/

Groupe « Les Amis de M.Odome »
[Group“Friends of Mr. Odome”]

This group raises funds and organize the shipment of uncontaminated food to the precarious populations of Minami-Soma (Fukushima). It was createdat the initiative ofFrenchliving in Franceand Japan. On site, the distribution of foodis provided bythe Japanese AssociationofM.Odome.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-amis-de-M-Odome/281474631883236

Groupe Antinucléaire Toulousain
[Anti-Nuclear Group of Toulouse]

This group informs on the risk of civilian and military nuclear power. It organizes various militant actions to alert and aware population, especially in the area of Toulouse.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/GroupeAntinucleaireToulousain

Groupe « Fukushima Informations »
[Group « Fukushima Information »]

The purpose of this group is to collect, to analyze and to spread information about the Fukushima nuclear accident, and about its possible consequences in Japan as well as in France and other countries.
Website (for the group) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fukushima.informations/
Website (for the information) : http://fukushima-informations.fr/

Groupe « Les Veilleurs de Fukushima francophones »
[Group “The French Watchers of Fukushima”]

This group for discussion and sharing of information is interested in the whole situation of Japan after March 11, 2011. He seeks to understand the consequences, context and current events arising from the accident of Fukushima.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/groups/234589883320888/

Jeûneurs Vigilants de Taverny (JVT)
[Vigilant fasters of Taverny]

This Association commemorates the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For this,its members accomplish a protest fast, from August 6 to 9, before the military base Taverny. They reproduce the fasting established by Solange FERNEX and supported by Mr. Theodore Monod.
In addition to this work of memory, the association fights throughout the year to inform the public about the dangers of nuclear power.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/groups/jvtaverny/

Mouvement Citoyen Lotois pour La Sortie du Nucléaire (MCLSDN)
[Citizen Movement of Lotois for the shut down of Nuclear]

This association tries to inform about the dangers of nuclear power,both civi land military. It also promotes renewable energy, that respects environment, and teaches about solutions to control our energy needs.

Mouvement des Etudiants avec EELV

This group includes French students who support the actions of the European Green Party (Europe Ecologie Les Verts).
Website : https://www.facebook.com/etudiantsavec.eelv

L’ Observatoire du Nucléaire
[Observatory of Nuclear Power]

The Observatory of Nuclear Power is an independant surveillance body for the nuclear industry.
Website : http://observ.nucleaire.free.fr/

Réseau Citoyens Responsables Ecologie France (CREFRANCE)
[Responsible Citizens Network EcologyFrance]

The network CREFRANCE is a peaceful and independent movement which brings together citizens, associations and organizations with ecological sensitivity. Based on collective work and solidarity, the network tries to bring together and organize thoughts and actions,to make each other’s actions more effective.
Website : http://crefrance.ning.com/

Réseau Zéro Nucléaire (RZN)

The purpose of this group is to close as soon as possible all nuclear facilities,in order to minimize the generation of deadly and unmanageable waste,over periods that far exceed those of the oldest human civilizations known.
Website :http://www.sanurezo.org/

Sortir du Nucléaire Cornouaille
[Exit fromNuclearPower Cornouaille]

The goals of this association are :

• to act for quick stopping of nuclear energy and any nuclear technology,
to act for the development of energy saving,
to act for the promotion of alternative energy sources,
to act for the abolition of nuclear weapons,
to take action to inform and raise awareness.
Website : http://sortirdunucleairecornouaille.org

Sortir du Nucléaire Tregor
[Exit from Nuclear Power Tregor] This association aims to work for the end of civilian and military nuclear.

Collectif Stop Bugey
[Collective Stop Bugey] This association aims to :
• the final stop of Bugey nuclear power plant,
• the en d of nuclear power.
Website : http://www.stop-bugey.org/

Stop Fessenheim
[Stop Fessenheim] This association is fighting for the closure and dismantling of Fessenheim nuclear power plant, and the end of nuclear power.
Website : http://www.stop-fessenheim.org/

Greenpeace France
Greenpeace is an international, independent and non-violent organization, which aims to:
> denounce the environmental damage,
> and to provide solutions that contribute to environmental protection and promotion of peace.
Website : http://www.greenpeace.org/france/fr/

DiaNuke.org has received the following statement, endorsed by 27 major anti-nuclear groups in France, demanding immediate stop on the state repression in Jaitapur and scrapping of Areva’s Nuclear Power Project in Maharashtra, India:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, Indian men and women were arrestedwhilepeacefullytrying to recover the lands which they have been unjustly deprived for the project of Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant.

We, French men and women, protest vigorously against this injustice by the unique interests of Areva and the Indian government. We denounce :

  • deprivation of property of farmers and fishermen on the site of the future Jaitapur NPP,
  • arrest of 22 people for the only fault of having used the inalienable right to protest,
  • prohibition on gather more than 5 people in the region.
  • externment orders against leading activist like Ms. Vaishali Patil barring her from entering the district.
  • Areva’s reported insistence for exemption from nuclear liability in case of any accident in India.

Areva is constructing 6 EPRs of 1650 MWs each in the colossal nuclear power park in Jaitapur. The Fukushima accident has shown that building multiple reactors at one site is even more dangerous. Emergency at any one reactor leads to disruption of safety and restoration work at other reactors as well. The EPR  is being opposed in Flamanville in France, it has run into more than double time and cost over-runs in Finland and the European safety agencies have raised serious objections regarding its design. Even the US Nuclear regulatory Commission (NRC) has delayed safety certification to the EPR. In these circumstances, constructing 6 EPRs in Jaitapur would be tantamount to an inhuman experiment using poor people of India as guinea pigs.

The shareholders of Areva being composed of almost 90% of agencies of the French State, we, French citizens, want to publicly denounce the attitude of Areva. We reject the fact that the interests of this company are placed before the fundamental and inalienable rights of Indian people. And we recall that the right of property, the right to demonstrate and the right of assembly are fundamental and basic rights for any democracy worthy of the name.

We, men and women of French nationality, send our solidarity and support to our Indian brothers and sisters, whose relentless fight we deeply admire.

********** FRENCH VERSION *********************************

Aujourd’hui, mercredi 13 juin 2012, des hommes et des femmes indiens ont été arrêtés alors qu’ils tentaient pacifiquement de récupérer les terres dont ils ont été injustement privés pour le projet de centrale nucléaire de Jaitapur.

Nous, hommes et femmes français, protestons vigoureusement contre cette injustice commise pour les intérêts uniques de la société Areva et du gouvernement indien. Nous dénonçons :

  • la privation des propriétés des agriculteurs et pêcheurs sur le site de la future centrale nucléaire de Jaitapur,
  • l’arrestation de 22 personnes pour la seule faute d’avoir usé du droit inaliénable de manifester,
  • l’interdiction de se rassembler à plus de 5 personnes dans la région,
  • les mesures d’éloignement contre les activistes, commeMme PatilVaishali, afin de les empêcher de pénétrer dans le district,
  • l’insistance rapportée d’Areva pour jouir d’une exemption de responsabilité en cas d’accident nucléaire en Inde.

Areva est en train de construire6 réacteurs EPR de 1650 MW chacun, dans le gigantesque parc nucléaire de Jaitapur. L’accident de Fukushima a montré que la construction de plusieurs réacteurs sur un même site représente un danger supplémentaire. Une situation d’urgence sur n’importe lequel des réacteursmenace directement la sécurité et les éventuels travaux de restauration sur les autres réacteurs.

L’EPR est combattu à Flamanville, en France. Sa construction connait de lourds dépassements de délai et de budget, en France comme en Finlande, et les agences de sécurité européennes ont soulevé de sérieuses objections quant à sa conception. Même la Commission de Régulation Nucléaire des Etats-Unis (NRC) a retardé la certification de sécurité de l’EPR. Dans ces circonstances, la construction de 6 réacteurs EPR àJaitapuréquivaudrait à une expérience inhumaine, utilisant les populations les plus pauvres de l’Inde comme des cobayes.

L’actionnariat d’Areva étant composé à presque 90% d’agences de l’Etat Français, nous, citoyens français, tenons à dénoncer publiquement l’attitude d’Areva. Nous refusons que les intérêts de cette société soient placés avant les droits fondamentaux et inaliénables du peuple indien. Et nous rappelons que le droit de propriété, le droit de manifester et le droit de se rassembler sont des droits fondamentaux et basiques de toute démocratie digne de ce nom.
Nous, hommes et femmes de nationalité française, adressons toute notre solidarité et notre soutien à nos frères et sœurs indiens, dont nous admirons le combat.






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