Shinzo Abe’s India visit: 13 villages in Jaitapur oppose nuclear project, pass resolution [Full Text]

13 villages in Jaitapur passed a unanimous resolution against the proposed nuclear plant, being built by French company Areva. For this nuclear project to take off, the India-Japan nuclear agreement is an essential step as the reactor design would use some crucial component manufactured by Japanese company Mitsubishi. This agreement is expected to be signed during the upcoming visit of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to New Delhi next month and the villagers have announced a protest demonstration on the occasion to be organised on 12th December.

Here is the English translation of the resolution, courtesy Pruthviraj Shinde –

Grampanchayat Gotne

Talukat Rajapur, Distribution. Ratnagiri
Gram panchayat assembly Date: 25/08/15

Copy only for resolution

Subject 13: with chairperson’s permission, discussion on unplanned subject

We have publicly read in detail the applications of villagers against Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant.

1.Nuclear energy is destructive and immoral energy. The accidents of Chernobyl and Fukushima have shown the destructive potential of nuclear energy. Large number of children in and around 500km radius of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were affected by thyroid cancer and now after 29 years of the accident 2800 sq. Km. area around the plant remains without any human existence(this area is equal to half of Sindhdurga near Jaitapur). The situation that has risen out of the Fukushima accident will not come under control for the next 100 years.

2. Every operating nuclear power plant is an accident. Because the radiation emerging out of the nuclear power plant affects the surrounding areas. This radiation also affects the biodiversity of the area. We can feel these effects around Tarapur, Rawatbhata and Kalpakkam nuclear power plant.

3.The nuclear waste of these plants is very hazardous to human life as it has radiation and the management of nuclear waste is humanely impossible for the next thousand years.

4. Everyday 5200 crore litres of water is needed from the sea for the cooling process of the power plant and this water will be put back into the sea after an increase of 7°C above normal. Because of this biodiversity of the sea will be in crisis.

5.According to government reports of Chakravarti Commission 1972 and Chaturvedi place fixing commission 2002 Earthquake line runs below the Madwan plateau. To install a nuclear plant on this place will be destructive and an invitation for a great disaster. Moreover, under the Right to Information (RTI) it has been revealed in the past 20 years this area has experienced more than 90 strokes of earthquake.

6. French company Areva is going to install a nuclear plant in Jaitapur. The EPR design used by this company is not used anywhere else in the world. Moreover, the plants under construction in France and Finland by Areva have been found to be deeply faulty. This company has almost gone bankrupt. Allowing such a company to build a plant in the Western Ghats is knelling the death bell.

7. Huge capital expenditure and expensive electricity are the two more reasons why we are against the Jaitapur Power Plant.

We the people of gram sabha are passing a resolution here to not allow and to cancel this immoral, inhuman and destructive nuclear power plant.

Recommendation : sarpanch

Resolution passed unanimously.



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