“It was wrong from the very first place.” (Mochizuki Iori’s Daily Column from Japan September 04, 2011)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

Today, on our facebook group Translate Fukushima,a member asked- “Is there any movements to demand the full disclosure of all information regarding Fukushima? ”

I said- ” I know how to make then disclose everything. I only need to set fire on myself just in front of fukuichi camera AND you protest your own govs to attack japan. Thats almost what I’m trying to do. Japan needs to be collapsed for once at least , so does every other country.”

No wonder I didn’t really make myself understood.I wanted to say,”It’s impossible,as long as this political/legal situation will last.”

In Japan,PM has just changed. It’s common to think everything bad is because of the stupid politician. But I think the assumption that the modern countries are based on is wrong. So whoever the leader is,it will go broke. We think social welfare can be fairly paid from tax income,if politician make right decision.

However,what is the basis to think so ?

Most of the people think that is right because it has been like that since they were born. I think,it’s been going to the end from the very beginning. ‘Tax income = Expense for social welfare’ is nothing but a wishful assumption. Nobody has ever experimented it in lab.

As I keep saying,Fukushima is a symbolic problem related to all the domination. Domination of power,economy,news,and domination of domination. It is not only a problem of pure physics. If you want to evaluate the situation,you need info. If you want info,you need to fight against them who get benefit by concealment. If you want to fight against those people,you need to make yourself understood right by society.

It requires the total change of the world. Obviously,Japanese nuclear strategy is strongly connected to USA,IAEA, and UN. So what you must fight against is the whole world. This is not the exaggeration.

If you want to save yourself,you must change the whole world. It’s true to say,it’s people’s awakening.

However,most of the people don’t imagine what they have never seen. That is why I said,Japan needs to be attacked. So other countries will be seriously damaged. People won’t wake up without that scale of shock.

Today I was in Tokyo. I found sun flowers grown up huge,I haven’t seen such massive sun flowers. But Young people don’t even care about rain. Everyone lives as if nothing had happen. 99% of the Japanese people don’t even try to see the reality. It feels like I’m on the train with the dead driver,and all the other passengers don’t know the fact.It’s only the matter of time to crash somehow.

Nuclear was a wrong choice. But that’s because we chose a wrong society to make such a mistake. It’s a deep deep problem. If it was not Japan,it would have been another country ,like US or China. And the gov would have done the same thing to their own people. Since we chose this current social system,Fukushima might have been already planned to happen.



News Reports

Just after 311,private institutions were stopped to publish their radiation forecast by ministry of science.

[Tweet of an actual Fukushima worker] 今日 同僚がWBC受けたんだけど
今日になって個人情報保護の為に本人にすらカウントを教えなくな ったらしい
They started conceal the Whole Body counter result even to the person himself,to save “privacy”.
French : [Tweet d’un travailleur actuel de Fukushima] Ils ont commencé à dissimuler les résultats des tests d’exposition interne à la personne elle-même, pour protéger la «vie privée».

[Emergency] ふくいちライブカメラ(福島第一原子力発電所) | 東京電力
The pool to stock spent fuel rods in unit 4 was broken.It’s lighted up in the camera.
French : l’Unité 4 est en train de s’écrouler.
Cette information vient de la conférence de presse de TEPCO. Un peu maniaque, mais très important. Le typhon arrive. L’unité 4 ne peut pas le supporter.

Fisheries Agency published the latest data of sea food contamination.
Japanese food contamination survey – update

@shenwei @irukatodouro @hanayuu 4~5月は、野菜売り場に行くと、顔が猛烈に痒くなり、野菜売り 場に近づけなかった。最近、北海道産や青森秋田などが多く並ぶようになり、治まって…。神経のせいと自分で認めないようにしていましたが、同じような方がいて吃驚
this person could not go close to the vegetable booth because his face felt intensely itchy in April and May. Lately, they have many vegetable from Hokkaido and Aomori and I do not feel itchy anymore. I was surprised to see other people feeling the same.

” Noda has said that he supports reducing Japan’s reliance on nuclear power but cannot envision a Japan entirely free of nuclear energy.”
Link to facebook page

@KinositaKouta 大田区です。昨日、二つくっつい たねこじゃらしを見つけました。こういうのって時々あるのでしょ うか…私は初めてです。2歳の子が見つけました。保育園の近くなので心配になってしまいました。
‎”From Ohta-ward. Found yesterday was a two-headed fox tail grass. Is such found anytime? The first for me. My two-year-old found it. It made me worried as it is close to the nursery school.”
Ohta. Gestern zweiköpfiges Gras (foxtail grass) gefunden. Hat man so etwas jemals schon gefunden? Ich habe es zum ersten Mal gesehen. Mein zweijähriges Kind fand es. Es hat mich beunruhigt, weil es in der Nähe eines Kinderhortes war.

投稿日:2011/09/02(金) 13:31:55.14 ID:tvOLbk8S0

投稿日:2011/09/02(金) 13:41:25.40 ID:bMAsgPlp0 [1/3]
2011/09/02(金) 13:31:55.14 ID:tvOLbk8S
child in grade school.
says more moles on face, and found 3 additional small ones, a size of the pencil lead.
search on the internet. some adults’ reporting the same on hands.
looked at my own hands, found numerous moles, like my daughter’s.
2011/09/02(金) 13:41:25.40 ID:bMAsgPlp0
my child has it too.
4 locations on foot.
hmmm… this…how should i understand, has been my thought all this time. from the tokyo 23wards.










 そして、小出先生のお話、1週間ぶりです。この間、総理が脱原 発の菅氏から、再開したい野田氏に変わるのですが、小出先生政治が大嫌いで、「残念です」とのことです。






 菅総理、福島に中間処理施設を作ると言い、しかし、最終処分になるのですが、「これは悩ましい」、瓦礫、避難地域の大地も汚されており、放射性物質、本来は原子炉の中にあるもので、東電の所 有物が事故で噴出し世界に汚染している、これを「東電に返す」、理想は原子炉内に返すのですが、福島第1の敷地内に戻すしかない、小出先生の夢は「東電の本社に持っていく」物なのですが、原発 敷地内に持っていくしかないが、それでは足りない、原発の周囲で、二度と人の住めないところに核のゴミを置く、これは言いにくいことだが、しかしだからと言ってそこを日本中の核のゴミの墓場にしてはいけない、今回の事故に限りこの処置をすべきなのです。
Description of the nuclear accident in Fukushima by Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, Assistant Professor
Radio Mainichi, “Journal of sowing” (Monday to Friday)
Episode day (87 times) will be reproduced from the transcript Email

Nuclear-related news, the warning area within a 20km radius, achieved a furlough of six months to pretend 3km. 68-year-old woman was in a 2km, was that 持Chi帰Ritai husband’s ashes. That is cool and stable, is also home 3km.
Sendai nuclear power plant will stop and, periodically test the primary limit, stop all the nuclear power plant in Kyushu. While aiming to resume in December, the outlook is not standing.

Chiba Prefecture was no problem and inspection of the 52 districts to produce rice. Becquerel was about 40 at two points.
And tell Dr. Koide is the first time in a week. Meanwhile, the elimination of nuclear Kan Prime Minister, I want to resume Noda change, in despotism hates Koide, “sorry” is said.

Yesterday, the decommissioning of Units 1 to 4, out the proposed work process to decontaminate the building robots, I still meet water inside, it is not possible, decontamination of the robot is perfectly have not, up until a human is not only get to the robot. It just does not insert a human, it’s great.

Fix the leak containment is impossible, but difficult for molten core, which should have been in a pressure vessel, if the work is easy in this core, it melted You have to go out, in which containment is impossible to submerge, the bird fell Peresutaru (under the pressure vessel) and to TEPCO and I hope that remains the core here, seems to have been out Peresutaru recovery of this table is the process of TEPCO now impossible, it is hard.

There is talk of America’s Three Mile, here is what we in dealing with TEPCO has been no meltdown three countries acknowledged that Unit 1 is a meltdown, is missing from the bottom of the pressure vessel, three Miles can not be like that, Units 2 and 3 do not know where the core is a picture of a pie.

What do you do with the “know” things are starting to encounter a human, I do not know what might have been in uncharted territory I have to 踏Mi込Manai subsequent optimistic TEPCO, uncharted territory I did not enter. Contaminated rubble, treated as a national municipal waste to 10 to 80 million becquerels I decided, should not use radiation safety, and to put up with danger, dismantling nuclear power plants, decommissioning 600,000 cubic meters of garbage out with you, as the law that I have to deal with radioactive waste below the level of (less 1kg100 Becquerel) making, but can not bear to say such a thing, and also accepted Becquerel 8000, “言I出Shita be tremendous,” “If you only have to accept this level of risk” is. 600,000 cubic meters in one reactor, with enormous Fukushima also can not compare it, some of the sewage sludge, it or get rid of and how the law is not addressed, “that bear some degree of only “is.

Prime Minister Kan, said making the intermediate treatment facilities in Fukushima, however, is to become final disposal, “This is troubling,” rubble, have been polluted even the land of an evacuated area, radioactive materials, originally in the reactor In some, the world has erupted in an accident that contaminated the property of TEPCO, which “returns to the Electric Power”, is ideal for a nuclear reactor in return, only to return to the site of the first Fukushima dream of Dr. Koide is “take it to the headquarters of the Electric Power” is something that, we have the only nuclear power plant site, and not enough So, around the nuclear power plant, nuclear again where people uninhabitable Place the garbage, but this is hard to say it, then trash the nuclear graveyard in Japan but do it just because, this is only an accident should take some action this time.

投稿日:2011/09/02(金) 17:39:04.69
投稿日:2011/09/02(金) 17:48:45.97 
2011/09/02(金) 17:39:04.69
sudden attacks of nausea and abdominal pain has continued for three days. what is going on. here it comes again
投稿日:2011/09/02(金) 17:48:45.97
for a couple of days, my throat hurts @northwest chiba
last night, i learned that ichikawa city’s radiation level was going up, but what was that all about?

この動画の例…先月白血病で亡くなられた作業員の方の症例と関係があるりそうな気が… RT @irukatodouro: チェルノブイリ以後、白血病の症例増加、急激に症状が悪化する特 異的な白血病が見られ調査を要するという報告
the example in this movie… appears to be similar to the symptoms of the fukushima worker who passed away last month of leukemia.
RT @irukatodouro: this report calls for research needs for the post chernobyl increase in leukemia incidents, for specially abnormal leukemia symptoms which becomes malignant rapidly.


(2011年9月1日 読売新聞)
Partial translation:
A rare lily was found in Saitama City Iwatsuki Ward. It blooms so that a large number of flowers gather around one stem.
The height of the stem is about 1 meter, and the thickness is around 10-20 centimeters. It has a smell that hangs around in the air in its surroundings. According to office worker Yasuko Mitsuhashi (59) who lived nearby,
Having trouble figuring out the last part:
a wild lily let a flower bloom near by till now.

However, this flower is too big [a tendency is bad]. It is shut out in neighboring potato fields and okra fields, and it is said that it blooms without mentioning the public eye. (the September 1, 2011 Yomiuri Shimbun)
Eine seltsame Lilie wurde in der Stadt Saitama im Bezirk Iwatsuki gefunden.Auf einem Stengel drängen sich viele Blüten. Der Stengel ist einen Meter hoch und weist einen Durchmesser von 10 bis 20 cm auf. In der Umgebung der Blume schwebt ein süßlicher Duft.
Laut der 59 jährigen Frau Mitsubashi traten in dieser Umgebung auch schon zuvor wilde Lilien auf. Allerdings sei diese viel zu groß und verbreite eine “unheimliche Aura”. Verdeckt hinter den Kartoffel- und Okrafeldern blühe sie hier von der Öffentlichkeit unbemerkt. Yomiuri Shinbun, 1. Sept. 2011


Mutated roach.

NaomiKawaguchi: 54基中42基が停止中。そのままおやすみなさいだよ。 …
‎54基中42基が停止中。そのままおやすみなさいだよ。:NHKニュース 全国の原発 80%近くが停止
of 54 reactors, 42 is stopped. stay asleep just like that.
from NHK news- nearly 80% of nuclear power plants are not operated.

‎@KinositaKouta  今朝の記事で福島県の6市町村からチェルノブイリでは、強制避 難となった148万bqの地域が多数発見されました。大熊町では1545万bqだそうです。
The same or higher level of contamination as mandatory evacuate area of Chernobyl (=1480000 Bq) was found in many areas in 6 cities (incl. villages) in Fukushima prefecture. An area in Okuma-cho had 15450000 Bq.
French: Un niveau de contamination équivalent ou supérieur au niveau….==.imposé=== d’évacuation de Chernobyl (=1480000 Bq) a été trouvé dans plusieurs zones dans plusieurs villes (et villages) de la préfecture de Fukushima. Une zone d’Okuma-cho avait 15450000 Bq.
German: In 6 Orten der Präfektur Fukushima wurde eine höhere Kontaminierung festgestellt, als die 1.480.000 bq (missing unit in japanese- bq/sqm?) ab denen nach dem Reaktorunfall in Tschernobyl evakuiert wurden. In dem Ort Okuma wurden sogar 15.450.000 bq (/?) festgestellt.
Korean: @ KinositaKouta 오늘 아침 기사 후쿠시마현 6 시정촌에서 체르노빌은 강제 대피가 148 만 bq 지역이 다수 발견되었습니다. 큰곰자리 마을에서 1545 만 bq라고합니다.

ガイガー持ってスーパーへ。スーパーに入った途端に数値が上がる。野菜売り場…更に上がる。ガイガーで食料品を測定することが出 来ないのは分かっているけど、ちょっと怖い。。。@大阪
I went to a supermarket with a Geiger counter. The reading increased as I entered there, even more increase at the vegetable section. I know that Geiger counter can’t measure foods but a bit scary…@ Osaka (west part of Japan)
French: Je suis allée dans un supermarché avec un compteur Geiger. La mesure a augmenté comme je rentrais, et encore plus au rayon légumes. Je sais quun compteur Geiger ne peut pas mesurer les aliments mais ça fait un peu peur…@ Osaka (Ouest du Japon)
German: Sonnenblume- Ich bin mit einem Geigerzähler in den Supermarkt gegangen. Als ich den Supermarkt betrat stieg der angezeigte Wert an. Als ich an dem Gemüsestand vorbeikam, stieg der Wert nochmals. Ich weiss zwar, dass man mit einem Geigerzähler die Belastung von Lebensmitteln nicht messen kann, aber ich bekam trotzdem Angst… @Osaka
Korean: @ 0530mhiromi
해바라기 ♪ 가이거 가지고 슈퍼에. 슈퍼에 들어간 순간에 수치가 오른다. 야채 매장 … 더 오른다. 가이거에서 식료품을 측정할 수없는 것은 알고 있지만, 조금 무섭다. . . @ 오사카.

lots of seagulls are dead. why? scared a little…
French: Beaucoup de mouettes sont mortes. Pourquoi, un peu peur…
German: VIele Seemöwen sterben. Was kann das bloß sein? Es ist unheimlich…

【消えた50億円!】福島県のガラスバッジ予算は60億1千2百 万円 対象は15歳未満と妊婦の約30万人 60億割る30万人 はひとり2万円 福島民友発表ガラスバッジ1台は1万5千円 担 当の福島市教育委員会保健体育課さんに私が質問書を作成し直接回 答 ひとつ1500円税抜き検査料込み。
【Disappearance of 5 billion yen!】Fukushima Prefecture’s budget for “glass badges” is 6.12 billion. target groups are children younger than 15 years old and pregnant women approximately 300,000 individuals. 6 billion divided by 300,000 makes 20,000 yen per person. The Fukushima Minyou price for a glass badge unit is 15,000 yen. I composed a question paper directly to the personnel at the Fukushima City’s Education Council, Health and Physical Exercise Section, and received a direct answer. 1,500 yen per a unit, excluding sales tax and including analysis.

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