India Must be Cured of its Rulers’ Pro-Nuke Lunacy, Dr. Satishchandra !

Nuclear Insanity

Responding to the news that the Indian government has approached the premier mental health organization NIMHANS “to get a peek into the protesters’ minds and remove any fears,” anti-nuclear activists in India have called for people to write to the Director of NIMHANS, Dr. Satish Chandra. Here is an email sent to Dr. Chandra by Dr. M G Devasahayam.

Letters to Dr. Chandra can be sent at the following address:

Dr. P. Satishchandra
Director / Vice-Chancellor
National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)
Bangalore-560029, India.
Email :
Tel : 91-080-26995001/5002, 26564140, 26561811, 26565822
Fax : 91-080-26564830

Dear Dr. Satish Chandra,

If what is reported is true it is indeed disheartening. Nevertheless please read my article Link: before proceeding further. I will particularly draw your attention to this short para: “He (former President Abdul Kalam) took a two-hour tour of the nuclear plant and instantly released a pre-written report certifying it  as “clean and safe” while declaring that the 2,000-MW plant was essential for “power hungry” India.”

Soon thereafter I had visited Kanyakumari to address a large rally of over 25,000 people, mostly women. I also interacted with some of them particularly fisher-women. When I asked them about the power hunger mentioned by Abdul Kalam this was their reply:

“Sir, we are simple folk. At midnight our husbands go to the sea to catch fish for our livelihood. They do not need ‘power’. To augment our income we roll beedi during day under the tree. We do not need ‘power’. If Abdul Kalam sir is ‘power hungry’ let him set up the power plant in his courtyard!”

How are you going to change the minds of these rustic, down-to-earth women? How are you going to counter this simple logic. I suggest you talk with some of us before you go ahead on your mission.




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