India Must Black-list French Nuclear Suppliers: Former Power Secretary writes after Exposé in France

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Dr. Sekhar Basu
Dept of Atomic Energy (DAE)
Govt of India

Dear Dr. Basu,

Subject:- Substandard parts supplied by Areva company and its subsidiary, Creusot Forge, to IOC and several nuclear power plants in the world- Request initiate action to blacklist the company for doing business in India

I refer to the correspondence I had with you on the subject. My letters dated 15-5 2016 & 7-8-2016 (copies enclosed) refer.

The scourge of substandard components associated with false quality certification seems to plague the global nuclear industry, though DAE and NPCIL apparently remain totally indifferent to it, as evident from their keeping the public in the dark about these developments.

In this connection, I enclose an EcoWatch report dated Nov 9, 2016 (“Nuclear Industry in France in Crisis, 20 Reactors Shut Down”) on how the French nucear regulator, Autorite de Surete Nucleaire (ASN), has questioned the French nuclear manufacturing companies, namely, EDF and Areva, on the extent to which their plants have such substandard components and their adverse impact on the safety of those plants. Sensitive to the potential danger of operating such plants, France has closed down 20 nuclear plants already.

In this connection, I further enclose two reports from ASN’s website (here and here)on the fraudulent way in which the sub-contractors of Areva and EDF have falsified quality certification, creating scope for major accidents. While Areva’s own subsidiary is involved in supplying substandard parts, the latest development is that another supplier, Japan Casting & Forging Corporation is also involved in this racket.

These are serious matters on which DAE and NPCIL cannot afford to feign ignorance and pretend that the public here in India would never come to know about these developments. DAE, presided over by the Prime Minister (PM) himself, has the moral obligation to get at the root of this problem and inform the public about the magnitude of the peoblem and the corrective action taken. This assumes importance against the background of the PM signing an agreement with France earlier and an agreement now with Japan on bilateral cooperation in the area of nuclear power development.

I had earlier written to you about Westinghouse-Toshiba consortium supplying reactors and fuel for the Kovvada project in Srikakulam district in AP and the recent development in which this consortium has sold away its fuel fabrication facility to China. DAE has not cared even to acknowledge the receipt of my letter. Either DAE is ignorant of this development or it is deliberately keeping the public in the dark about the Chinese entering the picture. Is not DAE concerned about placing the fuel lifeline of the Kovvada project in the hands of China?

May I request you to get these matters examined with due care and let the Parliament and the public know what DAE wishes to do?


Yours sincerely,

E A S Sarma
Former Secretary to GOI


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