India and Pakistan have illicitly amassed more nuclear weapons capacity than previously believed: New Report

India and Pakistan’s illicit procurement of nuclear technology relies on international commercial activity and consequently leaves a trail of publicly available information (PAI) through trade, corporate, flight, vessel, and other data. Each of these data points provides an indicator that can be used to identify proliferation risk. The challenge, then, is to identify, aggregate, and synthesize these risk indicators within vast amount of disparate data.

Leveraging C4ADS’ trade data holdings of more than 750 million records, we set out to map the international supply chains behind nuclear procurement in Pakistan and India, isolating those entities that present the most risk for illicit dual-use trade.

A new report by Centre for Advanced Defence Studies(C4ADS), “Trick of the Trade,” finds that nuclear technology procurement networks in both Pakistan and India are larger and more visible in publicly available information (PAI) than previously documented.

Read the full report below:

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