In the 16th year Pokharan, India is seeing alarming rise of nuke-nationalists: CNDP

CNDP Statement on the anniversary of Pokharan nuclear tests

May 13, 2014

On the anniversary of India’s May 11-13 1998 nuclear tests, the Coalition For Nuclear Disarmament And Peace(CNDP) reiterates its resolve to struggle for a nuclear weapons-free South Asia and world.

India’s peace-loving, democratic people continue to oppose the insanity that the nuclear tests represent, when a tiny ruling elite, led by a Hindu-chauvinist government, betrayed the country’s long-standing values and traditions to chase false prestige via nuclear weapons and plunged India into a potentially ruinous nuclear arms race with China and Pakistan.

Sixteen years on, our region’s security situation has greatly worsened with stockpiling of bombs and building of new nuclear-capable missiles. the conventional arms race too has accelerated, and india has become the world’s largest arms importer.

India has contributed to the region’s destabilisation by expanding and diversifying its nuclear arsenal, and indulging in missile defence and multiple-warhead missile development.

The same communal-jingoist forces are again on the rise and threaten to harden India’s nuclear posture , with dangerous consequences. all sane and democratically minded Indians must oppose these forces and demand nuclear risk-reduction leading to disarmament.

On behalf of CNDP
Lalita Ramdas
Achin Vanaik
Abey George
Praful Bidwai
Kumar Sundaram


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