In Pictures: The 15 Friends on Hunger Strike in Koodankulam for Last 9 Days

March 27, 2012:

Please Stand Up in Support! Govt’s Crackdown in Koodankulam is a Pointer, All Peaceful Protest Would Meet This Fate : S P Udayakumar

Please save us from the cruel grip of the Indian State. We thank all our brothers and sisters who are already doing this all over the country. We need more people and more actions.

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9th Day of Hunger Strike in Koodankulam: An urgent Appeal

Please call/fax/email Tamil Nadu’s Chief Secretary Thiru Debendranath Sarangi and the Collector office of District Collector of Tirunelveli Dr R. Selvaraj

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Idinthakarai, March 27: Demands Put Up at Talks with District Collector Today

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