In Pictures: Kerala’s anti nuclear group in support of Koodankulam struggle

The Koodankulam Anti-Nuclear Struggle Solidarity Samiti (Kerala) organised a vehicle march from Peringom in Kerala to Koodankulam. Peringom is a small town in northern Kerala where in 1990 people struggled against a proposed nuclear power plant and got the project cancelled. Participants in the march demanded a stand on the nuclear power plant coming up at Kudankulam from the Kerala government in the view of Koodankulam being only about 60 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Representatives of about 30 organisations participated in the march.

Anti-nuclear activist Surenda Gadekar inaugurated the march. Dr. N. A. Kareem, Civic Chandran, C. R. Neelakantan, T. Peter, John Peruvanthanam, B. Surendranath, T. O. Joseph, N. Subramaniam and other leaders and representatives of about 30 organisations participated.

Here are some pictures from the vehicle march:

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