In memory of Pradeep Indulkar: Join DiaNuke Online Conversation on 21 January 2023

It is with immense grief that we share with you the news of the untimely passing of Pradeep Indulkar, a friend and co-walker of all of us who believe in a better, more democratic and sustainable world, free of nuclear power.

Pradeep was a film-maker, an engineer, an activist, and perhaps above all, an empathic human who traversed several worlds in his quest to stand with newer truths and people’s causes that he encountered along his journeys.

Pradeep’s films are simple yet captivating, true to his genuine desire to give a voice to the ordeals of common people. With no previous background in film-making, he pursued it passionately as a useful tool of expression.

‘High Power’, his directorial debut, portrayed farmers and fisherfolk living around India’s first nuclear plant in Tarapur near Mumbai city.

His other film, ‘Jaitapur Live’ narrated the courageous stories of rural communities in Sakhri Nate and other fishing and farming villages in Jaitpur, and the indefatigable leaders of these localised movements, who mobilized a powerful and long-standing people’s agitation against the world’s largest nuclear power plant proposed in this ecologically-fragile region along India’s western coast.

Pradeep’s films received praise and accolades globally for their ability to connect the dots between local communities and their deep ecological intimacies, and the machinations of the global nuclear industry that threaten such symbiotic living across the globe, leaving in its wake toxic legacies.


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Activist groups and film institutions organized screenings in various parts of the world including, Japan, France, United States, UK, Switzerland, and Germany. He received the prestigious ‘Yellow Oscar’ award at the International Uranium Film Festival in 2013 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had also planned a film on Fukushima that unfortunately, will remain incomplete.

Making and screening films itself became an occasion for Pradeep to promote connections between people from various countries, societal sections and professions. Traveling across countries with the help of similar passionate activists, he forged international connections and played a crucial role in ensuring a global presence for India’s grassroots anti-nuclear movements.

In this time of grief, we stand in solidarity with Pradeep’s family, personal friends and political allies in their efforts to take forward his work and legacy.

On 21 January 2023, we will organize an online memorial event in which a screening of Pradeep’s film will be followed by a conversation with some of his friends and colleagues. Further details will be announced soon.

We request you to join us in remembering Pradeep and also kindly circulate this invitation widely among your friends.


DATE: 21 Janaury 2023 

Moscow- 5:00pm
Berlin, Paris- 3.00pm
New Delhi- 7.30pm
Tokyo- 11:00pm
New York, Washington, Toronto- 9:00am
Vancouver, LA- 6:00am




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