Idinthakarai, you are not alone !

A Nuclear Nandigram?

Nityanand Jayaraman

Just spoke to Udayakumar who says that the preparations underfoot in villages in and around Koodankulam are making it seem as if the State is waging war against the people. Idinthakarai is sealed off. People can neither get in or out of Idinthakarai. Villagers who were planning to congregate in Idinthakarai are now blocked off. This morning about 400 heavily armed police conducted a drill, including running and marching, near Tsunami Nagar. Media people are being used as friendly messengers to convey that the State will not hesitate to use force to quell any attempts by villagers to show resistance to the imminent fuel loading. Police are bunkered on all routes around the Idinthakarai village, with sand bags and assault rifles.

This is in response to PMANE’s decision to march towards the nuclear power plant to pre-empt fuel loading. Please stay alert. Your assistance will definitely be required tomorrow.

Here are the police officers’ numbers; please ask them not to harass people, intimidate them; or incite violence against unarmed civilians and nonviolent fighters including thousands of children and women:

Collector, Tirunelveli, 9444185000
DIG, Tirunelveli, 91-9840970530
SP, Tirunelveli, 91-9940193494
DSP, Vallioor, 91-9443554585
Koodankulam Police, 91-4637-250150.


S.P. Udayakaumar

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
September 8, 2012
Idinthakarai& P. O. 627 104
Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu


Dear Udayakumar and all of you brave and wonderful men, women and children in Idinthakarai,


We wish so much that we could be with you  today, as you embark on yet another landmark phase of your inspiring, peaceful and  non-violent  struggle against the senseless and totally anti-people , decisions and dangerous actions of the nuclear establishment,  with the active collaboration of the power centres at both Delhi and Chennai.

We are holding a public meeting tomorrow in our village, where people will come together to celebrate our recent struggles and victory against the imposition of SEZ and taking over the lands of thousands of villagers. People involved in the Jaitapur struggle will join us and we will speak about your epic battles in Koodankulam .

We want you to know that you are not alone.  This is not just a fight of Tamils, or the people of Tamil Nadu – but one in which you have the support of all whose who are standing up for justice, ahuman rights and a democratic and clean future for our children and grandchildren, across the country today.

Nuclear Power has no place in that vision.

“MinsaaramVenam – AnuMinsaaram,Vendaamvendaam!”And as we have sung together in the past:

 “RaastaHaiLambaBhaiaurbehan,  ManzilHaidur, Himmat se ladenge mil kezaroor          

`The journey may be long and the goal may be far, but we will fight with strength and courage’

Hum hainnayeInsaan, Hum challenge seenathaan. Koi darnahin jab hum milkechaltehain”

`we are a new generation, we will go forward shoulder to shoulder, There can be no fear when we all walk together”

In Solidarity

Admiral L Ramdas


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