Fukushima: We breathe the same air

Brett Stokes

We Are One People,

We Share The Air We Breathe,

The Anniversary of The Tragedy Of Fukushima 311

I live in South Australia, only a few hours drive away from a giant uranium mine called Olympic Dam.

Since 1982, yellow cake ore has been exported from Olympic Dam, to fuel reactors around the world – there are no nuclear power reactors in Australia, just one small reactor making medical isotopes.

There was a time when uranium mining was not allowed in Australia.

Many Australians still oppose uranium mining, but, at this time, uranium mining is allowed in Australia.

A huge majority of Australians oppose any plans to build nuclear power reactors in Australia.

A huge majority of Australians oppose any plans to build nuclear waste dumps in Australia.

Whether we like it or not, we are all now breathing in air which is tainted with potentially deadly hot particles from the massive amount of illegal poisonous emissions that have spewed forth from the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi facility over the past twelve months.

My twin grandsons died suddenly, in their mother’s womb, in early April 2011, in Sweden, where clouds of radioactive Xenon and Cesium poisons are now known to have landed from March 22nd onwards.

The verdict of the autopsy into the death of my grandsons was “no apparent reason” for their death.

I say these children were murdered.

I say TEPCO was the murderer.

The people who lied about the dangers were accomplices to the murders.

The people who failed to give warnings were accomplices to the murders.

Brett Stokes, Adelaide, 11th March 2012




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