Fukushima after two years: A Conversation on Facebook

A conversation on facebook group Fukushima informations 福島新たな原子力 :

Fukushima-government-liesES (France): I would say the press responding to the orders made a successful work of intoxication, and the most dangerous radioactive element is the 3.11 lie, actually. Nevertheless yesterday, I learnt that even if some Japanese folks had some kind of slowness starting up, when they start up, there’s nothing able to stop them ever.

KW (Belgium): From the beginning of the disaster until today, the human being was deliberately left aside, his right to good health being scoffed. And with the new government, it’s even worse, I’ve the feeling Japan is becoming a nuclear dictatorship and we all have to act for this not to happen. Nowhere. For everybody all over the Earth to live in peace.

JLZ (France): I was working on the project below at the very moment when the disaster arose. Afterward, I posted the link on a facebook group, thinking this movie could “move” the persons who are sensitive to the underlying themes it evokes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLLga4lhLes (with subtitles in French and English)

CM (France): I’m French and I feel so shameful when I see Areva’s planning to send MOX to Japan again… I’m French and I feel so shameful when I see my president trying to make money with the safety of Indian people in Jaitapur. Yes, I feel really shameful because I was born in a nuclear country…
And for this reason, today, I want to talk as a French person and tell all my admiration to Japanese and Indian who fight everyday against nuclear power. You are examples for the whole world, and you are a light of hope when I feel depressed.
We live on the same planet, we share the same feelings… Our children are alike if you look at them with the eyes of love. That’s why we are so deeply connected…
Thank you for being such an inspiration. Our fight is gonna last long, and we need each others.
311 is only beginning.
Cécile, from France

JPV (France): To the Fukushima children..

You were affected, by this tsunami..
Which one destroyed a part of your land..
You knew it was an earthquake..
But nothing about nuclear power..
Blessings on all of you, Fukushima children..
Those with the heart bruised..
I wish you a long life..
To show us the way..
That one to the future world..
You will grow up to testify..
And you will be able to shout out loud I was there..
No one will deny..






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