For the people of Fukushima – a song by Narayan Desai

India lost its pioneer anti-nuclear activist and eminent Gandhian Shri Narayan Desai last month. Narayan bhai founded ‘Anumukti‘ (freedom from nuclear) after Chernobyl which became India’s first anti-nuclear magazine. He was the inspiration behind and would remain our guiding light.

Here is a song that Narayan bhai wrote for the people of Japan after Fukushima. Besides deeply empathizing with their suffering, this song highlights the human greed and disregard for nature as the root cause behind all the evils that the world is facing today –

‘Let us turn adversity into opportunity’

Behold those moments of crisis as an opportunity.
Divert these death-inviting life towards new consciousness.

What miseries have you suffered!
What challenges you have faced!
Bravely have you counter-acted
Three terrific calamities!

The whole country behaved like one man, each caring for others dedicating their life for the nation, its children gather with bare chests.

Won’t these jubillious hearts
Peep deep into their self?
Won’t they ponder how
To deal with self, society and nature?

It is they who will ignite the torch of new-consciousness.
Their faces will bean with the aura of their faith and commitment

Our enemies is not without
Perceive it deep within!
Our greed and our passion

Toll the bell of end of life;
Property and power cast their deathly nets giving it
Numerous tantalizing names

Let us pledge promptly to struggle against them
Let us see real joy in contentment
And learn that true society exist only under equability.

And let us live in harmony with nature.
With the strength of your soul kindle the lamp within
Behold the moments of crisis as new opportunity.

Narayan bhai wrote this letter earlier last year to the Japanese PM Mr. Shinzo Abe, requesting him to rethink the India-Japan nuclear agreement. 

Narayan Desai

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