Flora and Fauna near Koodankulam: Some Incredible Pictures

Looking at these pictures, we can only wonder what a destructive imagination it would take to put this splendid landscape, its rich bio-diversity and people in danger. Today’s models of development and growth have become almost synonymous with vast eco-destruction.

Cyril Alex

These pictures are being shared on DiaNuke.org by Cyril Alex. Tamil readers can find his articles on Koodankulam issue here and here.

Cyril took these pictures at multiple paces while traveling to Perumanal near the Koodankulam plant . The birds and flowers are from Radhapuram – about 8KM away from the reactor site. Sheeps were found about 2KM from Koodankulam.



On slower networks, the slideshow might take a few seconds to load. It’s totally worth the wait !



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