Flag of Solidarity: From Germany to Koodankulam

Dear Friends,



Last week we had a meeting of activists and a presentation here in Ludwigsburg about the Anti Nuclear Movement in India. Ludwigsburg is a city of 70.000 inhabitants in the south-western part of Germany, in centre of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is situated in between the state’s capital, Stuttgart, and the Nuclear Power Plant of Neckarwestheim.

The presentation was organized by “Aktionsbündnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim” (Action Coalition for CASTOR Resistance Neckarwestheim). The CASTOR Resistance is currently the biggest focus of anti nuclear groups of activists in Central Europe. “Castors” are containers filled with extremely radioactive waste and transported by trains, ships, and trucks on major roads through densely populated parts of France, Germany and other European countries. These transports in between “Nuclear Reprocessing Plants”, like La Hague and “Storage sites” like Gorleben are sometimes blocked for hours and days by countrywide and internationally organized blockades of anti-violent protesters.

During the presentation pictures and videos were shown about anti-nuclear struggles in Haripur, Jaitapur und Kudankulam that really moved and impressed the audience.


Dear Peter:

Thank you for the flag; we received it yesterday and hoisted it on our protest stage yesterday itself. I will forward some photos shortly. Thank you all again.

best regards
S P Udayakumar
March 5, 2013

As a symbol of solidarity, we would like to send you a flag with the popular logo used for decades by various groups, individuals and movements of anti nuclear struggles in Central Europe. “ATOMKRAFT? NEIN, DANKE!” or „Nuclear Power? NO, THANKS!“ Many visitors of the meeting wrote personal wishes and greetings for you, activists in India, on the flag. These greetings in German language mean:

“Weiter so!” or “Go on! Keep on struggling!“

„Ihr seid nicht allein“ or „You are not alone! We are with you!”

“Lieber strömende Sonne als strahlenden Regen” or “Rather shining sun (solar energy) than radioactive rain”

“OBEN BLEIBEN” or “STAY ABOVE” is the most popular parole in the area of Stuttgart. It also symbolically means “Keep your head raised”, “Keep your confidence”, “Don’t let yourself be pressed down!”, “Don’t bow
before authority!”, or “Walk upright”.

In Stuttgart there is a widely supported popular movement against the destruction of railway infrastructure. “Movement against Stuttgart21” people are fighting against the Central Train Station being moved underground, costing billions of Euros. The old, effective and architecturally famous central train station is already partially demolished. Trees were cut down, a park was destroyed, and sources of natural ground water are sacrificed for the profits of real estate investors. For years, there are weekly manifestations and peaceful actions with sometimes up to 10.000 and more participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Construction of nuclear plants in India is supported by companies and governments in Germany. Several thousand employees are working for AREVA in Germany. German Federal Government is supporting export of nuclear technology. Right now there are more than 1000 engineers and nuclear specialists for AREVA Nuclear Power Plant at Olkiluoto/Finland. We hope that they will never complete their work and that they never start working at the nuclear power plant in Jaitapur. Nuclear Power Plants of the Russian type VVER-1000 AES-92, like in Kudankulam, are run with a control system called “Information & Control System Teleperm XS”. This system is made by SIEMENS (Germany’s biggest technology corporation)and AREVA (France’s state-run nuclear technology corporation). Teleperm XS system is also used at the Nuclear Power Plant of Neckarwestheim. This control system already caused dangerous situations here.

We will try to spread information about your struggle, the struggle of activists from Indian anti nuclear movements, amongst the groups of German anti nuclear movements. Hopefully, we can contribute with acts of solidarity to foster the struggle against global nuclear mafia.

Our flag of solidarity (send by registered mail) may take some days to arrive at your place.



February 25, 2013





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