Europe tour of documentary on Jaitapur

Pradeep Indulkar from Lachen, Germany

High Power solidarity in GermanyWe had 4 show of the documentary High Power in city called Lachen in Germany. This documentary is getting very good response from Germans. People here know much about the Indian anti nuke movement especially about Kudankulam and Jaitapur. Though Germany has abounded the nuclear program they supply nuclear fuel and technology. As far as Jaitapur is concern Areva has an establishment in the city of Erlangen in Germany and around 3,000 Germans work with Areva, Germany. Areva also has nuclear fuel factory in the city of Lingen in Germany. Apart from this about 1,000 Germans work for Areva on their Finland project. These 1,000 people might get transferred to work on Jaitapur project once the Finland project is finished. Then there are around 150 German companies who are major supplier of Areva and few thousand Germans are working in these small companies. So that was the reason behind this tour to Germany.

After every show we use to have good discussion on the Indian anti nuke movement and global nuclear issues. An appeal is made in these discussions to the viewers and anti nuke activists to pressurize the German Areva worker and the suppliers, which could be a good solidarity action. After every show people scribble messages and sign on the solidarity banner for Jaitapur, they shout slogans against Areva and in support of Jaitapur protest. We had a big rally of few hundred people on the roads of Duisburg on Saturday, 14th September.

Still there are 12 shows to go in Germany, few of them are in Uranium Film Festival at Munich and few are in German cinema for common German people. Then I will go to France and will have 10 shows in different cities of France.

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