Jaitapur: Essential Resources

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The Project | Critical Issues | Resistance

FACTSHEET/ Documents
  • The truth about the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant: Factsheet on Jaitapur prepared by Dr. Sulbha Brahme, Pune Download here
  • NPCIL’s statements – Download here and here
  • Environmental Clearance Order – MoEF: Download here
  • Courting Nuclear Disaster in Maharashtra– CNDP’s comprehensive report, March 2011 Download here
  • Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel – Madhav Gadgil Committee’s Summary draft report of the Maharashtra Government consultation, 30th September & study tour in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts, 4th to 11th October, 2010 Download here
  • SIA Report by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, August 15, 2010Download here
  • Jaitapur Media Briefing: EPR — a nuclear problem not an energy solution (Greenpeace) Download here
  • Latin Americanisation of India – Report on Tarapur to Jaitapur March by Ashok K Rao Download here
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  • Letter from Admiral L Ramdas to the Chief Minister, Maharashtra January 17, 2011  Download here
  • Letter from Admiral L Ramdas to the Chief Minister, Maharashtra March 15, 2011 Download here
  • Why we oppose the Jaitapur Nuclear Power ProjectLetter from Activists and People of Madban to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra – click here to read the letter
  • Don’t rush through the Jaitapur nuclear project, urge concerned citizens – click here to read the statement
  • Why are we marching from Tarapur to Jaitapur – Press statement by AIPEF Download here
  • Stop the Dangerous Nuclear Version of  Enron’s Dabhol Fiasco – statement by AIPEF and NCOA Download here
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