Nuclear Energy: Fact Sheets and Reports






Nuclear Energy: Fact Sheets

Nuclear Energy fact Sheet (Waging Peace)

Nuclear Energy (Reaching Critical Will)

Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive: The Truth About Nuclear Power (PSR)

Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World (World Watch Institute)


Nuclear Renaissance

Nuclear Energy: Rebirth or Resuscitation? (Carnegie Endowment)  


Economics of Nuclear Power

Nuclear subsidies – an outline(Beyond Nuclear)

Nuclear Power: A Resurgence We Can't Afford(UCS)

Nuclear Power Subsidies: The Gift that Keeps on Taking(UCS)

Nuclear Power Subsidies Will Shift Financial Risks to Taxpayers(UCS)

The High and Hidden Costs of Nuclear Power (PSR)

Nuclear Power No Relief From Energy Woes (CommonDreams)


Climate Change and Nuclear Energy

Climate Chaos and Nuclear Power(Beyond Nuclear)

Nuclear Power in a Warming World(UCS)

Fossil Fuels and Nuclear should not be included in a renewable electricity standard(UCS)

Got Water? Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Water Needs (UCS)

Nuclear Energy: No Solution to Climate Change (Greenpeace)

Nuclear Power: No solution to climate change (NIRS)

Climate Change – Nuclear not the answer (Greenpeace)

Why Nuclear Energy Isn’t the Great Green Hope (Carnegie Endowment)

Is nuclear power a solution to climate change? Pete Roche

New nuclear power plants are unlikely to provide a significant fraction of future U.S. needs for low-carbon energy (NRDC)



Talking Points: Top ten reasons reprocessing is a bad idea(Beyond Nuclear)

Ten Reasons to Say No to Nuclear and Ten Brighter Ideas(Beyond Nuclear)

Nuclear Reprocessing: Dangerous, Dirty, and Expensive(UCS)

Reprocessing and Nuclear Terrorism(UCS)  


Renewable Energy

In Support of Renewable Energy(Beyond Nuclear)

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency(Beyond Nuclear)

Renewable Electricity and Nuclear Power: A Climate-Savings Comparison(Beyond Nuclear)  


Nuclear Energy and Weapons Proliferation

The Nuclear Power Nuclear Weapons Link(Beyond Nuclear)


Nuclear Accidents

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: How the Nuclear Power Industry Handles Safety(UCS)

Nuclear Plant Risk Studies: Failing the Grade(Beyond Nuclear)