Documenting Koodankulam: An Interview with Film-maker Sreemith N.

By Leena Manimekalai

Sreemith N, a Master degree holder in Mass Communication and Journalism, has so far directed four documentaries and a music video.

He currently promotes his latest documentary “Get up Stand up” which is set in Kudangulam Nuclear Power project and people’s tireless struggles against it. He believes in documentaries as he resorts it to it as the only possible way of being with people struggles.

A short conversation with him in the midst of disappointments with NDTV’s chaos with the telecast schedule of his film.

What is happening with the NDTV telecast of your film ‘Get up Stand up’?

They have postponed the screening of the film “Get Up Stand Up” twice, even after i got prior information about the telecast. The third time they telecast about seven minutes of the film. Suddenly the news of Kejariwal’s new party formation, came in between.I understand the limitations of a 24 hour news channel.But as a film maker it is a lot of pain.They have the right to telecast the film at anytime as per the contract signed by me.But more than my frustration, what I want is, the outreach of the film. I wish the film ultimately reaches more people and obviously NDTV has that viewer base nationally. So,I still expect the telecast of the full film.

What is your experience with PMANE while filming? Why did you choose to make this film?

It is out of desperation that I made this film. I have not experienced such a big people’s movement in my life.Should i just see the blatant injustice imposed on  people, who seemed the most powerless fisherfolk, and remain silent?These questions made me to think of the film.I felt I had to do something As I mention at the end of the film, “The film is just an excuse.Issue is important”

The people’s movement is well organised and upholds Ahimsa. Even a kid at Idinthakarai will tell you what is radiation and they will tell you everything about the energy sectors in India and the world.It shows the victory of a people’s movement. The people involved in the struggle are well informed on their focus and they have a political vision. What i find very inspirational is that women are in the fore front of the struggle. S.P Udayakumar, Pushparayan and other leaders have fully dedicated their lives for the cause of the local people, their posterity, and thereby the people, world over. Udayakumar’s name has to be nominated for the best human right activist in the world !

Can you share us with your screening experiences?

This film has copy rights. I mean you have’ the right to copy.’

I have traveled to many universities ,colleges,schools and streets with this film.i am getting very encouraging and positive responses from all of them. Students especially, have come forward to screen the film in more places.What I see in most of the discussions after any film screenings is that, people start asking/critiquing about the film,it’s techniques,aesthetics etc. But after every screening of this film, what I found positive is that people start a discourse about the issue.So, Film lives to spread the cause and I love it.

The film has been screened in many film festivals also.I am looking forward for more screenings in India and abroad.Do write to me at

Film is also streamed online in the following link :×7/documentary-on-movement-against-kudankulam-nuclear-plant/249211

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