Desperate to Nuclearise? – Aarti Chokshi









The above clickable image shows the earthquakes in the vicinity of Jaitapur, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. The red bar is a 50 km line. The largest circle on bottom right is a 6.0 quake, while the smaller circle near Jaitapur, on coast, refers to a 4.3 magnitude quake. Note that the epicentre of the Sendai earthquake that created the Tsunami and the subsequent Fukushima disaster was 130 km east of Sendai. The above image was created using google earth with the earthquakes layer on.

Now, my question is , if we are so very desperate for nuclear energy, shouldn’t we at least cover our behind first?


Just figured something out: the 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra was 2,500 km from Tamil Nadu coast where the Tsunami hit. So being ‘safe’ from earthquakes, esp. in Jaitapur, is for those living strictly in fantasy lands.








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