Dear DAE, How About Inviting Some Independent Experts to Your Seminar on Nuclear Safety in India?

An open letter to the Atomic Energy Commission by Shri Shankar Sharma, an independent power policy analyst

The Chairman and Members
Atomic Energy Commission
Anushakti Bhavan, C.S.M. Marg,
Mumbai – 400 001

Copy to:
Dr Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Govt. of India, New Delhi  
Prime Minister, Govt. of India, New Delhi
Dear Sirs,

Greetings from Sagara, Karnataka.

I came to know that an international seminar is in progress at Institution of Engineers India, Hyderabad on “Clean and safe Nuclear Power Generation” since yesterday. I also understand that it is a three day meet sponsored by DAE, and that there are no international participants as speakers. I also am given to understand that no civil society leaders, who are concerned about nuclear power , are involved in this seminar.

If this is true, I am astounded by the absence of any commitment by the DAE to make such seminars inclusive, and to effectively involve those who have a decent knowledge of the associated issues and have serious concerns on certain aspects of nuclear power. Such an approach can be said to be very myopic in its view and may also be seen as hiding things from the concerned public.

If the efforts of DAE are to make the nuclear power technology acceptable to the Indian public, it should engage all concerned stakeholder groups in such seminars/ discussions, and make honest efforts to convince them of the importance of nuclear power to India through effective dialogue. By shunning most of such stakeholder groups, DAE may be distancing itself more and more from the larger civil society.
I urge you to instruct the concerned authorities of NPCL/DAE etc. to invite all such stakeholders for such seminars in future. Few of the local civil society leaders such as Dr. Babu Rao Kalapala, Hyderabad and Dr. EAS Sarma, Vizag should be invited immediately for the remaining days of the present ongoing seminar.Their contact details area s below.
Dr. Babu Rao Kalapala, Hyderabad – Telephone numbers: 9491116543;  040  27172727 &  27173232; baburaokalapala@gmail.comDr. EAS Sarma, Vizag  –  Telephone numbers: 919866021646;

Without involving such knowledgeable and societal leaders, DAE cannot hope to get the nuclear power technology accepted by the civil society.Best wishes and regards

Shankar Sharma
Power Policy AnalystBanashankari Krupa, 3rd cross right side, 80 ft RoadVijayanagar 1st stage, Sagara, Karnataka – 577 401Phone: ++ 91 94482 72503

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