CNDP Condemns Prime Minister’s Slander Campaign against Koodankulam anti-NPP Struggle

Feb 28, 2012

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in an interview to the American journal ‘Science’ published on this Friday said, “The atomic energy programme has got into difficulties because these NGOs mostly, I think, based in the US, don’t appreciate the need for our country to increase energy. The local NGO-led protests have stalled the commissioning of two 1000 mw nuclear reactors.”

This is in fact very much in tune with the propaganda barrage launched by the Union Government against the determined popular struggle against the ongoing Koodankulam nuclear power plant.

The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) strongly condemns such baseless and malicious allegation as regards foreign hands behind the Koodankulam struggle without caring to produce even the faintest shred of evidence and ask the prime Minister either to substantiate his allegation or publicly apologise.

Achin Vanaik
Admiral L Ramdas
Anil Chaudhary
Amarjeet Kaur
Praful Bidwai
N D Jayaprakash
Sukla Sen

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