‘Not in the Name of Climate, Not in Our Name!’: Watch the Release of DiaNuke Issue Brief on Nuclear Power and Climate Change in India

In Bonn COP23, DiaNuke.org released its Issue Brief on nuclear power and climate change in India.

Titled “Not in the Name of Climate, Not in Our Name!” the issue brief looks at the false promise represented by nuclear expansion in India as a solution to climate change. Climate change is real and it affect the most vulnerable communities in India and ironically the proposed nuclear projects threaten to destroy their livelihoods and fragile ecologies that have sustained them for centuries.

India is one of the very few countries that are expanding atomic power in the post-Fukushima world, providing a lucrative market for the global nuclear lobbies. In doing so, the government is overlooking safety and environmental norms and also brutally repressing grassroots protests. All this is being justified in the name of providing electricity to the poor and responding to climate change. What is the truth?

The report will be available in PDF format on our website. For print copies, please write to editor@dianuke.org


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