Fukushima: Children have started to get thyroid disease (Mochizuki Iori’s report from Japan )

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10 children from Fukushima had a medical check at Shinshu University Hospital to see if there are any changes in their thyroid gland function.

The medical investigation was conducted on 130 children from Fukushima prefecture, at the Shinshu Uniiversity Hospital on the expense of an authorized NPO (nonprofit organization) named “Japan Chernobyl Foundation (or JCF)”. From the results of the medical investigation, gathered on September 4, it became clear that in case of 10 children there was a decrease in the production of thyroid hormones.

It is not clearly spoken if there it has anything to do with the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi.
considering the fact that in case of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, which took place 25 years ago, the peak in the outbreak of thyroid cancer in children was about 5 years after the accident, Minoru Kamata, Chief Director of the NPO, said “At this stage, we cannot talk about a disease, but a long term monitoring it necessary. ”

The medical investigation was made on children between 0 ~ 16 years old who are refugees from Fukushima Prefecture and lived in Chino city from Nagano prefecture at that time.



It has started to affect children.

Also,some people are giving up decontamination and starting to evacuate.


Every time the truth is revealed,we can not help getting disappointed at the government,but we still believe in our own power.

It’s really hard to accept the fact that our town was contaminated ,but we shall try our best individually.



Probably evacuation is the best way in this worst situation.

Daughter of the friend of our correspondent has turned out to be internally exposed.
She was sick,went to a hospital.It was cesium to cause the illness after all.
She is in Kyoto,where is in western Japan.

Here is another post to report internal exposure.


My nephew’s urine tested positive for cesium. He lives in Suginami Ward [a suburb on the western side of Tokyo]. He forces back his tears at preschool because [his parents have told him that] he has to stay inside alone while the other kids play outside. My sister and brother-in-law have been twice as careful as other people with the food he eats since the accident. Despite taking these precautious, cesium was detected in his urine. When my sister and her husband found out the results of his test, they said they would go to Kyushu [in western Japan] to look for a place to live. In my nephew’s body, the radionuclides don’t stop emitting radiation. But he is just an innocent child. People would probably rather not know, but we are in an extraordinary situation. Apathy is no different to irresponsibility. Let’s do the things that anyone would do, as a reasonable adult, or person.

Der Urin meines Neffen wurde positive auf Cäsium getestet. ER wohnt in Suginami Ward [ein Vorort im Westen von Toyko]. Er zwingt sich, seine Tränen in der Vorschule zurückzuhalten, weil er alleine drinnen bleiben muss, während die anderen Kinder draußen spielen [seine Eltern haben ihm gesagt, dass er dies tun soll]. Meine Schwester und mein Schwager waren doppelt so vorsichtig wie andere Leute bezüglich Ernährung seit dem Unfall. Obwohl sie diese Vorsichtsmaßnahmen getroffen haben, wurde in seinem Urin Cäsium entdeckt. Als meine Schwester und ihr Mann die Ergebnisse des Tests bekommen hatten, sagten sie, dass sie nach Kyushu [im westlichen Japan] gehen würden, um dort nach einem Platz zu suchen, an dem sie leben können. Im Körper meines Neffen emittieren die Radionukleotide unaufhörlich Strahlung. Aber er ist nur ein unschuldiges Kind. Die Leute würden es lieber nicht wissen wollen, aber wir befinden uns in einer außergewöhnlichen Lage. Apathie ist nichts anderes als Unverantwortlichkeit. Lass uns die Dinge tun, die jeder als ein vernünftiger Erwachsener oder Mensch tun würde.



The situation is getting worse and worse. Supermarket is full of deceptive labeling of origin of food.
We must choose one of two. Starvation or cancer.

Whatever stops you,I think everybody must evacuate sooner or later. I think this is the responsibility for our gene.




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