Nuclear and Children

Workers at a school ground in Namie Town, Fukushima prefecture, Japan. In March 2017 the Japanese government opened this area of Namie for people to return. Greenpeace radiation surveys in October 2018, showed high levels of contamination in the forests surrounding this school. Over 70,000 workers have been employed in recent years in Fuksuhima. United Nations Special Rapporteurs on human rights warned in 2018 of the urgent situation for workers, including homeless, who were reportedly being exploited by hundreds of sub contractors. This area of Iitate was opened by the government in March 2017, but still radiation levels remain high in areas of Iitate and above government decontamination targets.

Fukushima women and children on the frontline: Greenpeace report exposes continued radiation risks on 8 years of nuclear accident

Latest Greenpeace report on the 8 years of the Fukushima nuclear accident exposes continued radiation risks and human rights violations in Japan.

Children are uniquely vulnerable to ionising radiation

Children are uniquely vulnerable to ionising radiation

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Studies show that even natural background doses of radiation—doses we are normally, and inescapably, exposed to– can give children cancer.

Koodankulam: Letter from the Women and Children of Idinthakarai

Koodankulam: Letter from the Women and Children of Idinthakarai

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As each day passes , new and more shocking information about the fallacy of the multi- crore project is coming.Even a small child in our tiny fishing village knows about the corruption and callousness of the project. We know the issues of liability that the Russian Government is still not willing to address. We realize the cruelty of our own Government that states that a Fukushima kind of accident can be handled. Instead why is it that they cannot say it will never happen. Till a few months back the blame for the delay was always on us- on the People’s movement. But since a few months it has shifted to brief mention about safety and making it perfect. It intrigues us to know of all this.

Please Help Japanese Children! : A Journalist Who is Also A Mother

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The following is a report on the development of nuclear issues in Japan written by a mother-journalist. She has been has been critically studying the issues of the safety of nuclear power since 1999 and reports what she has found so far on the developing nuclear issue in Japan.