Braking News from Koodankulam: Nuclear Bombs Found in Idli !

Special correspondent from the borders of Idinthakarai and Bihar

Dr. S P Udayakumar is making a nuclear bomb out of vitrified idlis, a popular south Indian dish made of compressed rice. The police and paramilitary are extremely concerned and are attempting to nab him and dismantle his fissile technology lab before there is a major disaster.

Now that it has been revealed by Sun TV that Udayakumar is a nasty naxalite, there is every chance that the bomb may end up in north India. Evidence has been found in dozens of deeply underground and undersea tunnels connecting Tamil Nadu with maoist hinterlands of Bihar, Orissa and Chhatisgarh.  Special operation troops from the world’s oldest kleptocracy who have expertise in finding WMDs everywhere have been roped in for this highly sensitive operation.

Kashmiri separatists have also been found in Tirunelveli providing fissile technology from Karachi. It is rumoured that China will soon be providing rockets aimed at mamu ka dhaba in south Delhi.  The Khalistanis have also resurrected themselves for the south Indian cause and abandoned their lethal parathas to join ranks in this nuclear idli mission.

Foreign and extremist hands in Koodankulam have never been more clear !

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