“Black rain” (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 19, 2011)

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Storm brought fallout to the Kanto area on 8/19/2011. Since it started to rain,around 11:30AM ,radiation level spiked up around in Tokyo. Like in Kanagawa,it was 0.055uSv/h before the rain but it jumped up to 0.095uSv/h.

This is almost the highest level since April.This rain is highly likely to contain cesium,which caused the spike up. 0.095uSv/h isn’t the problem.Hot particles coming out of the rain water when it’s dry matters when we breathe it to our lung. In Kanto area,nobody should touch the rain either. Especially cesium is absorbed from hair too.

The night before the day,8/18/2011 22:00~23:00,massive steam splashed from Fukushima plants too.And the wind blew from north on 8/19. It is rational to think the steam came to Tokyo. On the internet,our grass rooted community had a consensus that the account called “Happy” is a whistle-blower of Tepco.But we are starting to suspect it recently since he has been commenting the “steam” is a harmful rumor.Now the steam and smoke is observed even on the Fukuichi camera.

Probably,radioactive steam is splashing out of the cracks in the ground actually.Fallout will affect our tap water in 2~3 days from now. Can’t we escape from the endless hell..

News Report

[Anticipation of fall]

Around in Tokyo,radiation level is spiking up because of the storm and the wind from North.
The rain of 8/19/2011 is likely to contain fallout.



[Death park]

They detected 0.25~0.57 uSv/h from 29 sandpits in Katsushikaku.
They shut down the sandpits but parents have let their kids play for 5 months since 311.



[As expected]

They detected cesium from rice of Hokotashi Ibaraki.(150km from Fukushima)
cesium134;23Bq/kg,cesium137;29Bq/kg Total;52Bq/kg
They say when it’s processed,the radiation level will decrease ,and it’s way lower than “their”
safety limit 500Bq/kg,it’s totally ok.

However,according to Dr.Takeda Kunihiko from Chubu university states we shouldn’t take more than 20Bq/kg. Obviously we should avoid rice. We have other food.
Plus,it will pollute sewage sludge anyway,and it will come back to us.




Mr.Koide’s cool and rational observation.
Most likely,if they conduct proper radiation check,100% of the Fukushima children have their thyroid exposed to radiation.



[coming to the end]

They detected cesium from leaf mold made by the street trees in Tokyo.
507Bq/kg and 429Bq/kg



[Rice panic]

North Japan people are starting to buy and stock old rice of 2010 and 2009.
Especially in Miyagi,where is one of the biggest rice producing prefecture,sales of 2010 rice has become 2~3 times much as average.



[Whistle-blower of tepco]

Mr.Kimura was an employee of Tepco.He quit it 10 years ago though it took him 3 years.
This is what he told in his speech.



Mr.Kimura was living in 15km west to Fukushima plant.He was at home when 311 happened.It took him 3 weeks to evacuate.The total exposure amount became 20mSv.After evacuation,he had unstoppable
“muddy” nose bleed,and sore throat.It was obviously a low dose symptom. Fukushima plant blasted crucial amount of radiation unlike what the gov told us.Now he is in Kochi.


He tried to quit 10 years ago,being sick of the deception and the lie of Tepco.However,it took him 3 years to quit.


Half life time of Pu is 24,000years,but nuc plant keeps working.He told his boss he can’t torture our descendant.The boss told him ,you are crazy.


He told the boss,you ARE crazy. The boss got mad and told him he should quit.


However,he was troubled to quit because he had an access to their confidential data.Tepco was threatened by his whistle-blowing.


When he was quitting,he was called by vice president and paid addiational 8.5 million yen for his retirement fee.


Iodine131 is produced when it’s in the critical state. The fact that the amount of Iodine 131 is stable proves it’s still in the critical state.
However,Tepco and the gov didn’t admit the fact. Here’s another deception.


Another deception is that 20mSv/y is totally safe.


Especially children and women should avoid rain. Cesium137 tends to be absorbed in muscle,but in case of women,it’s absorbed in uterus and lacteal gland. At least we should avoid breathing it by using double masks (wet one and dry one),and wear a cap because cesium137 is taken from hair too.




Tokyo/Yokohama had the highest radiation level since April because of the fallout from rain.




[For Japanese readers]

Takahashi Harumi re-started Tomari nuc plant.
Here is the list of people who gave her money.
Mostly it’s from the executives of Hokkaido power company.



[should admit they are already dead]

They detected cesium from the beef of Fukushima again.
The beef was not given cesium hay.

They were planning to allow Fukushima to sell beef again but it was postponed.




Channel4news broadcast a TV show about Fukushima,including interviews with actual workers.




Fukui is a prefecture of nuc plants.
In the local government,they submit anti-nuc proposal but it was turned down.
“We are proud of having nuc plants.We feel insulted.”
“Nuc plants must last for longer than 40years.”
“Anti-nuc idea is baseless.”



[killer pool]

In Kawasaki,they detected 12,400Bq/kg of cesium from leaves beside a public pool.
Now the pool is shut down but it has been used by 250 people a day.



[Radioactive hero]

Ampam man curry,which is popular for children is very contaminated.
The brand is “Nagatanien”. It’s manufactured in the factory in Iwaki shi,Fukushima. No radiation check.0.25uSv/h beside the package.



[Killer mushroom]

In Tokushima,western Japan,they detected 410Bq/kg from sawdust to plant mushroom.
The sawdust was from Minami soma shi. There is no “safety” limit about sawdust.
They will burn the sawdust,but radioactive ash will fly to everywhere.



[More beef]

They served cesium beef for 378 students in Fukushima,5/26/2011.



[Berbie vs Chris Busby]

Some parts of Tokyo is contaminated as Chernobyl.
In this video,Busby tells,still 10 trillion Bq of radiation is emit every hour.He says he confirmed the fact with tepco staff to work around Jap pm.However,jap gov announced the emission of radiation decreased to one in 10 million,only 200 million Bq of radiation is leaking per hour.



[No place to hide]

Gov is trying to move radioactive sewage sludge to Kyushu.
They are from 8,000~100,000Bq/kg,even allowed to burn.
Radioactive ash will fly to everywhere. Some people evacuated to Kyushu believing it’s safer than eastern Japan but Kyushu will be a hotspot too.



[Purple haze]

Massive steam from Fukushima plants again.
8/18/2011 22:00~23:00




8/16/2011,on a TV show,Ishiba Shigeru,a member of LDP commented Japan definitely needs nuc plant otherwise Japan can’t not have atomic bomb.



[nuc is crime]

Nuc kills people even when it doesn’t have an accident.
Around in Genkai nuc plant,the rate of leukemia turned out to be 6 times higher than average.



[Rival of cesium rice]

They detected 460 Bq/kg cesium from barley in Ibaraki.
Barley can be used for various of food,beer,bread,etc.. it is harder to distinguish than rice.



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