Binayak Sen, Anand Patwardhan raise voice against repression in Koodankulam

DiaNuke Correspondent

Mumbai saw a huge turnout at the iconic memorial of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar memorial – Chaityabhoomi.

Dr. Binayak Sen – India’s best known human rights activist, Anand Patwardhan – national award winning film maker, Vivek Sundara and many other prominent personalities spoke at the event.

All anti nuclear groups in India participated in the event which also saw the presence of people from the Koodankulam area. They gave a first hand account of the police terror and the environment of fear created at the grassroots.

Dr. Sen said that it was appalling to know that such undemocratic activities are underway to implement the power project. His views were echoed by Anand Patwardhan who questioned the need of nuclear energy when the options for renewables is wide open.

All the protesters and the public at large have questioned the logic behind such projects – whether at Kudankulam or at Jaitapur.

People appreciated the efforts taken to mobilize public sentiment with such events and were aghast to know the economic costs of constructing, running and decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants.

They were united in their views that such huge costs were unwarranted if India made serious efforts to implement commercial scale solar, wind and bio-gas projects. While speaking at the event, all the speakers said that India should take lessons from the Fukushima disaster which is still unfolding. They advised the government to study the example of Germany – a technologically advanced nation – which has stopped reliance on nuclear power after Fukushima and is shutting down existing projects.

People from all walks of life appreciated the efforts made in organising such mass awareness events and hoped that they will continue in all parts of the state and nation.

The organisers have promised more such mass contact events until such a time that India does not formally and publicly announce its commitment to be nuclear free by phasing out existing plants and an immediate halt to further projects.

Similar such events have been planned all across the state in the coming few days.


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