Awakening: Songs for Social and Environmental Justice

Christine Wall

The BP oil disaster was a pivoting event in my life. Rather than cry all night and remain sleepless, I began to research and became extremely annoyed at our government and BP. The intentional use of Corexit (4 times more toxic than oil and banned in most EU countries) really drove me to action. I became involved with a number of Gulf activist groups and started becoming more aware of the deep seated control corporations have over our country. I realized that Citizen’s United had changed the peoples’ power forever. I wrote my first song “Rainbows of Death”as a response to the frustration, sadness, and destruction caused by the “SPILL”.

It was serendipity that an old friend Mike Meengs (who is an electronic genius) was getting back together with a band I use to go and listen to every chance I had. We spoke at their reunion gig and I knew we would be collaborating together. Our band Awakening’s message is about educating and moving people to feel for the planet and eachother. “Look to the Sun” was my Fukishima therapy. People don’t understand the dangers of nuclear energy and weapons- there is no way to stop it nowhere to hide, it enters the body and lies like a shroud.. consume it be eaten form the inside… these lyrics are quite graphic and the haunting melodies combined with the vocals makes for a memorable listen. I guess I am a little biased! Making music keeps me sane and that is hard to do in a world run by madmen. I strongly believe we must protect what we love.


Awakening is an electronic lyrical musical collaboration between Mike Meengs and Christine Wall. All compositions are created to raise awareness about and to inspire passion to act against social and environmental injustices.

Look to Sun is dedicated to the victims of Fukushima. Please download the song HERE.

For more songs of Awakening, their fanpage on facebook can be accessed HERE.




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